5 Reasons to Choose a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer in Your Area

Have you been looking through websites, in search of the perfect car for you? Are you in need of financing and don’t know where to start?

Whether your car has broken down or your current car isn’t working for you, when you’re in need of a different car, you may or may not have the funds available to buy a car outright at that time. Used cars are a great choice for anyone for this very reason. You’re not paying an arm and a leg, and your car’s value won’t decrease as quickly after you buy it.

If you’re in need of auto financing for your vehicle purchase, you have a number of routes you can go down. You can ask a bank for a loan and endure the long waiting period; you can get financing through a dealership’s third-party lender; or, you could go to a buy here pay here dealership like AutoMax.

Don’t spend weeks waiting for approval or take a chance on dealership third-party lenders, who may or may not approve you after you’ve waited all that time. With AutoMax buy here pay here dealerships, you get to work with the same people for financing and your actual car purchase. Find out more about why you should choose a buy here pay here dealer for your car purchase.

5 Reasons You Should Choose A Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership

You get a financial partner for your auto loan.

Rather than working with a third-party lender or a large bank for your auto loan, AutoMax knows you personally and wants to help make your car buying experience the best it can be. AutoMax of Henderson and Youngsville, NC provide more than just auto loans. We are your partner in your financial future.

From the moment you come into our buy here pay here dealership in Henderson or Youngsville, we get to know you, your car buying needs, and your financial needs. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with you. Whether you’re buying your car today or it’s been months since you bought your car at one of our dealerships, we make sure we meet your every need in regards to your car and your auto loan. We’ll continue to work with you on a personal basis over the long term, and you can feel comfortable talking to us about any questions or comments that arise.

It’s a perfect option for low credit or no credit.

One of the best benefits about coming to a buy here pay here dealership is that we can approve customers with bad credit, low credit, or no credit. We believe you don’t need to have perfect credit to buy a car. You can pre-qualify with our no credit check pre-approval application, in addition to our standard financing application.

Once you’ve filled out your application, we’ll only need a few documents to approve you for your loan:

  • A valid North Carolina or Virginia driver’s license
  • Two recent pay stubs to establish your income
  • One recent utility bill to prove your residency

When you need a car, we know that you can’t wait for your credit to improve to make the purchase. We understand being without a car can make life very stressful. We’re here to help, no matter what shape your credit is in.

You can build your credit.

As with any loan, you have the opportunity to rebuild your credit with regular on-time payments. We report payments for all of our loan accounts to Equifax. If you make on-time payments every month, you could see an improvement in your credit score.

It’s a quicker, simpler car buying process that you can trust.

Car buying can get complicated. At AutoMax, we make the car buying process simple and straightforward. You can trust that every car at our buy here pay here dealership has gone through a top-notch inspection and reconditioning process so rest assured that your vehicle will last for many years to come. We help simplify the car buying process by providing quality inventory, easy financing, and a worry-free warranty. It is our mission to provide reliable, quality vehicles, regardless of your financial situation.

Find The Perfect Used Car At Our Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships Today

Ready to get a great used car and financing in the same place? We’re ready to help you find the best car for your at our buy here pay here dealerships in Youngsville or Henderson. Get started now by filling out our financing application and browsing through our used car inventory online. Also, feel free to stop by the dealership closest to you or contact us by phone or email at your convenience. We’re excited to help you get into a great used car with financing terms that work for you.

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