Benefits Of In House Financing For A Used Car

Ah, the journey of life. You’re busy, and you’re always on the move. But when your vehicle is on the blink, life’s journey can be stalled or even come to a standstill. You can’t get to work, you can’t get the kids to their activities, you can’t run your errands. The list of “can’ts” goes on and on, and the frustration builds. You spend hundreds of dollars on repair bills to get back on the road, only to have the car break down again. You feel trapped and helpless.

Let’s face it. Reliable and affordable transportation is one of life’s most critical necessities, and when you decide to stop hassling with repairs and purchase a different vehicle, figuring out where to get a reputable used car at a price you can afford can be daunting. If you’ve experienced unfortunate circumstances in your life’s journey that have thrown bad credit into the mix, the situation can become even more frustrating – downright embarrassing, even – with the risk of being turned down for a car loan hanging over your head because of those bumps on the credit highway.

Help is available.

What if there was a way to get in house car financing for your vehicle without a credit check or a lot of red tape? “Dream on,” you say under your breath. We get it. But in house financing dealerships are a viable solution for people who need a little help getting a car loan because of bad credit.

AutoMax,  one of North Carolina’s largest in house financing dealerships, proudly serves the Raleigh, Durham, Youngsville, and Henderson metro areas. They’ve helped thousands of people get back into a reliable vehicle with a payment they can easily handle. And here’s the good news: They can help you, too.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using AutoMax For In House Car Financing.

Skip The Bank And The Credit Check.

in house financing dealership

Unlike traditional used car dealerships, dealerships with in house car financing programs don’t work with a bank, credit union, or other lending institutions; they make the loan to you themselves. This is good news for buyers with bad credit. AutoMax specializes in helping people with credit issues purchase a car that fits their needs and – most importantly – their budget. They don’t focus on your past; they focus on your future. As long as you can make the payments, they’ll provide you with in house financing for your used car.

Do Business With People Who Care.

AutoMax and their team of professionals really listen. Their friendly team takes pride in building relationships with customers just like you by first learning about your car-buying needs and your specific financial situation. At AutoMax, you’re not just a number; they truly care about you. They understand you want a car payment you can afford and a reliable vehicle that fits your needs. They’ll even give you an opportunity to help rebuild your credit score by reporting your on-time payments to the one of the major credit bureaus. You won’t get that from a bank, will you?

Get A Loan Quickly And Easily.

In house financing for used cars not only saves you time, it also makes everything simple – and who couldn’t use a little simplification? You don’t have to jump through hoops to get approval for your loan. At AutoMax, you can visit either of their North Carolina dealerships, bringing in just a few key pieces of information (valid driver’s license, two recent pay stubs, one current utility bill). Or you can do a little homework ahead of time by filling out the online credit application. Either way is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

If you choose to fill out the online application, you’ll be approved in minutes. AutoMax finances 100% of the used cars we sell in house. This means you can walk into either of the AutoMax dealerships with peace of mind, knowing you’re already approved and good to go from a financing perspective. What a relief that is!

Tons Of Inventory To Choose From.

AutoMax has tons of inventory on their lots. Once approved, you’ll be guided by a friendly AutoMax representative to the cars that fit your budget. This eliminates the all-too-common stress that is so prevalent in the car-buying experience. All prices are clearly marked; there’s no uncomfortable haggling over cost and no annoying add-on sales pitches or hidden fees.

Lots Of Payment Options To Fit Your Needs.

When you work with AutoMax, you can set your payment due dates at a convenient time each month and easily make payments through a wide variety of payment methods. Just choose which one is easiest for you:

  • Automatically charge your Debit Card
  • Automatic ACH (auto-draft)
  • Traditional mail
  • Call-in
  • Text pay
  • Online payment portal
  • IVR (automated voice system)
  • In-store

These options mean that making the monthly payments on time is in your hands. By planning your payment date and choosing the most convenient payment method, you’ll be confident you’ll never miss a payment, which will reflect well on your future credit journey.

Every Car Comes With A Terrific Warranty.

Worried about getting a used car that’s a “lemon?” Don’t be! Unlike other used car dealerships, AutoMax offers you worry-free used car ownership with a unique warranty provided on all vehicles. This warranty, included in the price of your used car, is displayed on the window sticker and on the company website, and provides protection on more than just the vehicle’s engine and transmission. It also covers many components rarely offered by other dealerships. You can check it out online at

Call AutoMax Today

The AutoMax dealerships in Henderson and Youngsville have proudly helped thousands of people with bad credit rebuild their lives and get back on track by providing in house financing for used cars. They’ll help you, too. Visit their website or stop in and visit today. You’ll be pleased with what you find, and you’ll be back to traveling this journey called life in no time. What have you got to lose?