Can Buying From a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Improve Your Credit?

Raise Your Credit Score While Purchasing a Vehicle

Can Buying From a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Improve Your Credit? 

Oftentimes, consumers who have bad credit have a lot of difficulties when it comes to purchasing a new car. By visiting a Buy Here Pay Here dealership like AutoMax of Youngsville, drivers with little credit are still able to buy a necessary vehicle for their every-day lives. But can buying from a Buy Here Pay Here dealership improve your credit? 

When consumers make a purchase at AutoMax of Youngsville, they will receive a car loan directly from us instead of a third party company such as a bank or other finance company. Payments on the vehicle are then made directly to the dealership as part of in-house financing.  

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With a Buy Here Pay Here dealership like AutoMax, we report to the credit bureaus. Consumers then are able to get their much-needed vehicles, as well as even establish or rebuild their credit. In fact, a car retail installment loan is one of the best and quickest ways people can improve their credit.  

If you wanted to learn more about how buying a car from a Buy Here Pay Here dealership can improve your credit, be sure to contact us at either of our AutoMax locations in Youngsville and Henderson, NC. You can also keep up to date with our blog to learn more tips and tricks about car buying, especially if you have bad credit and are looking for a reliable vehicle.