Credit Issues? Come to a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership for Your Car

Credit problems come in many shapes and sizes. Maybe you’ve missed a few payments that were reported to the credit bureaus. Perhaps you maxed out one or more credit cards and are having trouble paying them off. Maybe you’ve even filed for bankruptcy in the past.

Countless people across America have been experiencing financial hardships recently, which have wreaked havoc on their credit scores. Unfortunately, it can take anywhere from several months to many years to rebuild credit. But some things can’t wait for you to get a better credit score. Like a car. You need it every day to drive to work, or you won’t have a job.

If you’re experiencing problems with your car and are in need of a more reliable one, a Buy Here Pay Here dealership is the perfect place for you to get one. It can be hard to get financing at many dealerships and banks with damaged credit, but a Buy Here Pay Here dealership can get you the financing you need and get you into a great car.

Why Come To A Buy Here Pay Here Dealership For Your Car

1. You Can Find A Great Quality Pre-Owned Vehicle.

Maybe you have less-than-perfect credit, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find a great quality pre-owned vehicle. A Buy Here Pay Here dealership like AutoMax of Henderson and Youngsville is focused on getting customers of all credit situations in the perfect car for their budget.

We partner with you in your auto financing. To ensure that you stay faithful to the payment plan we create for you, it’s of utmost importance for us to get you into a vehicle that will last you a long time. We want to create a great relationship with you, starting with your vehicle of choice.

In addition, our Buy Here Pay Here dealership practices the highest inspection standards and vehicle reconditioning processes, and we provide car warranties. Our customers get the repair history, vehicle history reports and warranty details upon purchase of any pre-owned vehicle that we have at our dealership.

2. We’ll Assist You In Building Your Credit

A Buy Here Pay Here dealership specializes in helping you build your credit, by providing affordable, quality cars and financing terms you can trust. We work with you, every step of the way, to build a financing plan that fits your needs on a monthly basis.

Making payments on a loan or line of credit is one of the best ways to rebuild your credit. We report on-time payments to Equifax every month, so you can see your progress. We will also set up your monthly payments to be automatic at the best time for you, so you can work on establishing timely payments with ease.

It’s our goal to help you have a successful loan experience with us, so that you and your family will benefit from it. You may be able to make larger purchases with a more established credit history, thanks to your financing at our Buy Here Pay Here dealership.

3. In-House Financing

One of the best benefits about AutoMax’s Buy Here Pay Here dealership is that our financing team is in-house – meaning you are working with us, not a bank or third-party provider, every step of the way. Unlike big dealerships, our Buy Here Pay Here terms are negotiated in-house, at our dealership in Henderson or Youngsville.

We’re always here to help answer any questions or problems along the way. We also accept a wide variety of payment forms to fit your needs, such as:

  • Automatic Debit Card
  • Automatic ACH (auto-draft)
  • Traditional Mail
  • Call-in
  • Text Pay
  • Online Payment Portal
  • IVR
  • In-store

No matter the question or problem, you can count on us to work with you for a solution. We truly care about your financial future.

4. It’s A True Local Partnership

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships offer the peace of mind that you don’t get when you sign up for financing through a third-party provider. As soon as you step into our doors in search of a great car, we start building a relationship with you – one that we hope will last for years to come. We are honest, open and reasonable about everything regarding your financing terms. Your budget, your family and your life are at our top-of-mind – not the profit we make from you. We want to help you build your credit, so may get better financing terms on large purchases in the future, no matter where you go.

Our team is your partner in your financial future, so you will never be just a number in our books. We will know you by name, and you will know us by name. And that’s something that our Buy Here Pay Here dealership customers love.

5. A Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Is A One-Stop-Shop

At AutoMax in Henderson and Youngsville, our Buy Here Pay Here dealership is the only stop you need to make to get the great car you need. No need to call up a bank or credit union to get your financing terms – you get them here. Simply pick out the perfect pre-owned vehicle for you, and we will work with you to get it financed on-site. Even more, you get to work with the same person throughout the process, helping us build a great relationship with you from the very beginning.

Overall, a Buy Here Pay Here dealership is one of the fastest car-buying experiences around. Less paperwork, less hassle, and more time for you to enjoy your new vehicle.

Get Started Finding Your Car at Our Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

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