Financing 101: Getting A Car Loan

Buy Here – Pay Here Dealerships Make Vehicle Financing A Breeze

At AutoMax, we know that finding the right car to fit your needs and budget – and finding a trustworthy used car dealership that sells that car at an affordable price – is only half the battle.

While this may seem like the most difficult and time-consuming part of buying a car, that’s only the case if you’re able to buy your car outright with cash – once you find your car and pay for it, that’s the end.

If, like most people, you plan to finance your car, you’ll need to understand how car financing works to come out on top and not find yourself overpaying for that new car.

Best Car Loan Interest Rates

Shopping around for a good interest rate, no matter if your credit is excellent or poor, is always the right move. The rate you get will vary from lender to lender, so make sure to do your homework ahead of time. Most new and used car dealerships offer vehicle financing to fit most budgets. So before you sit down to sign off on that car, make sure to ask about financing options and interest rates.

Remember, negotiating with your car salesman is only half the battle. Now you have to negotiate with a lender who will look at your credit history to help you get a good idea of what you can afford.

One way to easily and conveniently finance a car is to visit a Buy Here – Pay Here dealership. We’ll get into that in just a minute. Here at AutoMax, we strive to stand above the rest. We’ll explain why, of any buy here – pay here car dealership, we pride ourselves in delivering superior customer service.

Buy Here - Pay Here In North Carolina

One increasingly common way to finance a car is to find a dealership that offers buy here – pay here financing. You can often negotiate all of your loan arrangements and even make payments at the dealership. A buy here – pay here car dealership can often provide you with low credit auto loans, making buying a car that much easier. It takes the stress and worry of having a low credit score off your shoulders and lets you feel confident knowing that you will still walk away with a new car. Buy here – pay here dealerships act as a convenient one-stop shopping experience to save you the time, hassle, and stress of searching for the right loan.

Buy here – pay here dealerships are almost always reputable and trustworthy. But remember, as an extra precaution and peace of mind, you can always ask for a vehicle’s history report before you buy.

What To Watch Out For

We get it. Car buying is a stressful experience, even if it’s not your first time. The financing process is something that most of us don’t fully comprehend. But by being careful and reading before you sign, you can avoid even the biggest mistakes. It’s all about taking the time to understand your loan before you sign.

Used car dealerships aren’t always known for their reputation. That’s why it’s important to research one before you stop by. Otherwise, you could get caught financing a car that costs more than you expected due to loopholes in contracts, or the dealership could mark up a car right before you buy. Here at AutoMax, we know that our customers are placing their full trust and confidence in us to do what’s right, and we plan to deliver on their expectations 100% of the time. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, so you can rest assured that you’re in great hands with us.

No matter how many times you’ve financed a car in the past, or even if it’s your first time, it can always be a daunting task. One that you will never feel comfortable with. At AutoMax, we hope to make the whole experience quicker and easier for you, giving you total peace of mind. Stop by or give us a call today to get started buying your new vehicle.