How Does Buy Here Pay Here Work? We’re Glad You Asked!

If you’re in the market to buy a used car, you’ve probably noticed that there are many options when it comes to car dealerships. Traditional new car dealerships are associated with a specific make (or brand) of car. Ford, General Motors, and Honda are examples of these types of dealerships. They usually sell used cars as well as new, but their primary focus is on the shiny new cars on the lot, which means you’ll shell out a lot of money – maybe more than you’re comfortable with.

Used car dealerships are a different story. Less glitzy and usually smaller than traditional new car dealerships, these lots deal exclusively in used cars. You’ll definitely find a less expensive car here, but you also run the risk of getting what you pay for. Used car dealerships are great as long as you find one that’s trustworthy and has a solid reputation. Otherwise, you might get taken for a ride.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers

Luckily there’s a third option. Buy here pay here car dealerships offer reliable, safe used cars that fit within your budget. But how does a buy here pay here dealer really work? It’s a fair question since many people have never heard of this used-car-buying model. Buy here pay here dealers not only sell you the car; they take care of the financing for you, too. It’s an easy one-stop shopping experience that’s hard to beat, and it’s becoming more popular as people learn about this option and take advantage of what it has to offer.

AutoMax is a great example of a buy here pay here car dealer. This family-owned, second generation business in North Carolina was created because the owners saw a need. They saw folks who had struggled with credit issues in the past trying to find decent used cars they could easily afford. They started AutoMax to help these folks get a reliable car at a price that fits within their budget, and they’ve been serving customers in the central North Carolina region now for the past 29 years.

In-House Financing

In-house financing is what sets a buy here pay here car dealer like AutoMax apart from a traditional car dealer. While traditional car dealers do offer financing, their options depend on your credit score. They pull a credit report and start shopping your car loan around to banks and credit unions that might be interested in lending you money for the purchase. If your credit history is good, there’s no problem. If it’s not, it’s likely that you won’t be able to buy the car you’ve fixed your sights on; or if you do get a loan, you’ll pay an extremely high interest rate.

Buy here pay here car dealers handle all the financing of the cars they sell in-house. In fact, AutoMax provides on-site financing for 100% of the cars they sell. The loan approval process is quick and easy and can be done online before you visit either of their two North Carolina dealerships – in either Henderson or Youngsville.

Rebuilding For The Future

AutoMax reports your on-time car payments to Equifax, one of the leading credit reporting agencies in the country. That means that as you’re making your car payment every month, you’re helping to rebuild your own credit score. This is important because a good credit score shows lenders that you’re financially responsible. It helps you get loans for important purchases in the future and helps you get better interest rates on those loans, which can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on the purchase.

By financing used car purchases in-house, AutoMax also keeps your credit report from getting hit multiple times, something which happens when traditional car dealers shop your loan around to different banks. Multiple hits on your credit report within a short time period can negatively impact your credit score. With AutoMax that won’t happen.

Payments Made Easy

Since making timely payments is so critical, buy here pay here car dealers typically offer several ways to make payments. At AutoMax, customers can choose the option that works best for them: automatic debit card withdrawal, mail, phone, text, in-store, or via an online payment system. With all these options, it’s easy and convenient to make payments and to ensure that they’re received on time.

Other Benefits

In addition to in-house financing, buy here pay here car dealers have other significant benefits to take advantage of. They have a wide selection of newer-model used cars to choose from. Cars come onto the lot from different avenues: trade-ins from traditional dealerships, auctions, wholesale dealers, or direct purchases. Once these cars are on the lot, they’re given a thorough inspection by professional auto mechanics who check the car from bumper to bumper looking for anything that might cause safety or reliability issues. This is good news for you because you don’t have to wonder whether the car you’re about to buy will get you where you’re going.

Many buy here pay here car dealers also offer a warranty on the used cars they sell. For instance, AutoMax offers what they call “worry-free” car ownership. They offer a 12-month/15,000 mile or 18-month/26,000 mile, whichever comes first, warranty that covers mechanical issues should there be any. Having a warranty in place provides a little extra peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be taken care of if you have unexpected auto repairs. Many dealers even have loaner cars to keep you on the road if your car has to be in the shop for an extended period of time.

AutoMax also offers free oil changes during the life of your car loan, up to 4 oil changes per year. Not very many dealerships can say that! And if that’s not enough, they have a customer referral program that pays cash if you refer a friend to AutoMax. They know that referrals are the best source of new customers, and they genuinely appreciate the opportunity to serve the family and friends of their current customers.

Buy Here Pay Here Works

If you’re looking for a used car, a buy here pay here car dealer might be just what you need. And if you’re in the central North Carolina region, stop in and visit AutoMax. AutoMax has built a business on helping people rebuild their lives, starting with reliable transportation. They currently serve customers in Wake, Durham, Orange, Franklin, Vance, Granville, Person, Nash, Johnston, Warren, and Halifax counties in central North Carolina. If you still have questions about how a buy here pay here car dealer works, feel free to give them a call. Customer service is their number one priority, and they’ll be happy to help you find and finance your next used car.