tips on how to prevent rust

Tips to Prevent Rust

How to Prevent Rust on Your Vehicle

It’s inevitable that as our vehicles age we start to see signs of old age through needing repairs to exterior and interior wear and tear. Rust isn’t fun for anyone and when our vehicle begins to rust the resale value falls and the overall look of the vehicle degrades. Once the rust begins it eats away at the surrounding metal. Over time, the rust patch will grow and depending on where it is located it can cause major cosmetic and mechanical problems with your vehicle. There are ways to prevent rust on your vehicle so take a look at these tips on how to prevent rust.

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  1. Wash your vehicle regularly: some of the biggest causes of rust are salt and other chemicals found on the roadways. If you live near the ocean or in an area that experiences winter weather make sure to wash your vehicle on a regular basis to get rid of the salt.
  2. Use products to prevent rust: along with having your vehicle washed regularly have your vehicle pre-treated to help prevent rust. You can also treat suspect areas whenever you wash your car with an anti-rust spray like Jigaloo, Cosmoline Weathershed or Eastwood Anti-Rust Aerosol.
  3. Wipe down car surfaces: in addition to cleaning the outside of your vehicle, you should also wipe down your vehicle’s surfaces when they become wet. This can prevent the formation of oxidization which is the first step toward developing rust.
  4. Treat rust spots early: rust spreads if it is left untreated. Have the rusty body parts cleaned of rust or replaced entirely when you notice the first spots of rust. This can prevent the spread of rust.

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