How to Save Up for a Down Payment on a Buy Here Pay Here Used Car

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Buy here pay here cars are an affordable option when you’re in need of transportation. Found at used car dealerships that specialize in in-house financing, purchasing a pay here buy here car doesn’t require a credit check and doesn’t rely on your credit score at all. All you need is a down payment and proof of income to finance an affordable car! 

The down payment you’ll need to pay on a used vehicle depends on the price of the used car, plus whether you’d like to lower your monthly payments with more money down. Take a look at your monthly expenses and budget, and figure out how much you think you can pay toward your vehicle. Keep that number in mind when you visit our used car dealership near Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Saving up for a down payment doesn’t need to be hard. Here are a few ideas we have for you to save up! 

Trade In Your Current Used Vehicle Near Chapel Hill, NC

Are you exploring options at the used car lot because you’re tired of your old vehicle or it’s just not what you need anymore? Maybe you’ve been driving a two-door coupe, but you need to switch to a sedan, or maybe you’re looking to have more independence with a truck. 

Bring your current vehicle in for a trade-in evaluation. Our expert team will take a look at the condition of the vehicle and quickly make you an offer for the trade-in value of your car. Depending on the current condition of your used car, just this trade-in amount could be enough for a down payment on your next buy here pay here vehicle. 

To understand what your current vehicle is worth, and to get an estimate of the trade-in value of your used car, we have a calculator that can help with that. Simply enter the details about your current ride, and our expert sales team will contact you with a quote for the trade-in value we can offer. Getting a quote in advance is helpful for you to understand what to expect in terms of the down payment that you’ll be able to put toward your new-to-you used car for sale. 

Sell Household Items Or Clothing In A Raleigh Yard Sale

Look around your house, peek into the basement, and check out the garage. There are probably plenty of things sitting around that could have enough combined value to help put a down payment on a used vehicle.

Sort through your drawers, bins of “seasonal” clothing, in closets, and under beds. What do you have that you haven’t worn in awhile? Clothing in wearable condition can be taken to resale stores or offered in a yard sale, or sold online on apps like Poshmark or Mercari.

Household items can be sold in person or online as well, and some of the items you have around your house may even post a pretty penny on eBay! Do you have records, vintage furniture, video games, or even retro dish sets that you and your family don’t use? List those products for sale online, then sit back, and wait for them to sell. Or, if you’re in a time crunch, look into local resale shops who may buy items from you on the spot or consignment stores, who will cut you a check for items sold. Depending on the number of things you have to sell, you could come up with a decent amount for a down payment in a hurry!

Pick Up Extra Shifts At Work Or Odd Jobs In The Neighborhood

It’s a tale as old as time. Working more means making more money. It’s not the news you wanted to hear, but it’s the most guaranteed way to help save up for a down payment on a buy here pay here vehicle. 

Ask your boss and your coworkers for extra shifts, or extra projects to take on. In the Research Triangle, chances are you’ll have a coworker looking for an afternoon off that would love to hand over that shift to someone willing to take it. Working additional hours means extra money on your paycheck, and over time, you could save enough for a down payment. 

If you can’t pick up extra shifts at work – maybe you’re on salary, or maybe your boss has enough staff that needs hours to cover all of the shifts – think about the other skills you have that you can put to use around your neighborhood. Maybe you could offer to mow some of the yards in your neighborhood, take on a freelance project with your professional skills, or babysit for a friend. While these extra jobs may not feel like they’re adding up, eventually they will. 

Because pay here buy here cars don’t require a large down payment, anything that you can contribute will help lower your payments in the long run and get you into a better car quickly.

Saving Money For A Down Payment In Chapel Hill, Raleigh, And Durham Can Be Easy

There are plenty of options to make extra money when you’re looking to put together a down payment on an affordable used vehicle in Raleigh, North Carolina. From selling items you own like clothes and household items, trading in your current used vehicle, or working for the weekend to make extra cash, find what works for you and your schedule both. While you don’t need a large down payment, every little bit helps to save up money and put it toward lowering your car payment when you finance through our pay here buy here financing. 

When you think about your options in the Research Triangle area for buying a used car, a buy here pay here car lot could be the right choice for you and your family. With a low upfront investment cost, no credit required, and a payment plan that works with your budget, Auto Max, our trustworthy used car dealership, has options for you. We’ve got minivans, sedans, and more that can fit the immediate needs of your family. And, a buy here pay here dealership can get you driving off in a new-to-you car quickly. We’ll approve and finance your loan on the spot in a matter of a few minutes, so that you can be on your way. 

Browse our full inventory online, then make a plan to visit us in Youngsville or Henderson, just a short, money-saving drive away from you.