Make the Most of Your Tax Refund by Buying a Used Car Near You

Take Advantage Of A Great Deal At Our Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots In North Carolina

Did you know you could pay a small portion of  your down payment on a used car this fall and make a one-time deferred seasonal payment when you get your tax refund from the government? For some people, the idea of coming up with the money to cover the cost of a down payment can be daunting. It always seems like once you’re almost there, you end up with an emergency that dries up the money you saved. You’ve come to rely on your tax refund to cover the costs of the extra things you did without the rest of the year.

Your tax refund can come through for you again, this time in the form of getting you into a nicer, newer car than the one you currently own, if you shop for a used car at AutoMax, where we’re once again offering our Deferred Seasonal Payment Program.

How Much Money Do I Need To Put Down?

If you purchase a vehicle from us between the first of October and the middle of March, we will temporarily waive the down payment on the car you choose, except for just a small portion of your down payment, until after you get your tax refund. When it’s time to prepare your taxes, you can come back in to see us, where we’ll help you file for free, saving you even more money.

You can drive off our lot in a reliable, carefully-inspected used vehicle that fits your budget and your lifestyle, the very same day you visit us in Youngsville or Henderson, just outside of Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham, North Carolina.

When Do I Pay My Deferred Seasonal Payment?

If you participate in our Tax Max program, you pay just a small portion of your down payment today toward your car, except for tax, tags, license, and document fees that we are required to collect at the time of sale. We trust that you’ll pay your one-time deferred seasonal payment when it is due. 

For the upcoming tax year, your deferred seasonal payment will be due to us by the agreed upon date in your contract (usually around the middle of March).

If I Use The Tax Max Program, Am I Limited To Certain Vehicles On Your Used Car Lot?

If you choose to participate in our seasonal special, you are eligible to purchase any vehicle your monthly income qualifies you for on our buy here pay here car lot. There are no restrictions on the car you must buy from us.

With this no-strings-attached payment program, anyone can afford to upgrade their wheels to one that comes with a 12-month or 15,000-miles (whichever comes first) warranty and free oil changes, plus access to affordable comprehensive/collision insurance. You’ll only find all of these at AutoMax.

How Do I Qualify For The Tax Max Program?

Many people will qualify for our deferred seasonal payment program. Here’s how you can get pre-approved to shop for a car with our Tax Max program.

  1. Visit us in person! Bring your most recent pay stubs that show tax withholding and year-to-date totals, for each of your employers.
  2. Our financial specialists will use the information on your pay stubs to calculate your anticipated tax refund using the Tax Refund Services (TRS) calculator.
  3. Based on the amount of your estimated refund, you will pay just a small portion of your down payment, and then make your one-time deferred seasonal payment on the agreed upon date of your contract.

To qualify for this special deal, you must:

  • Be a new AutoMax customer.
  • Not combine Tax Max with any other special offer.
  • Qualify for a bad credit car loan under our standard underwriting guidelines.
  • Be receiving an estimated refund of greater than three times the amount of the deferred seasonal payment.
  • Pay for taxes, tags, and license fees at the time of your purchase, plus a standard $299 document fee.
  • Participate in our program only during the special promotional period, which change yearly.

Tax Max Car Down Payment Example

Let’s see an example of how our Tax Max program works, using our imaginary new customer, Jane.

Jane lives near Raleigh, North Carolina, and is looking to buy a used car. She knows she is approved for financing at AutoMax – because everyone is! – but she needs to make a down payment of $1,000 on the car she wants to buy.

During the Tax Max promotion, Jane sits down with a financial specialist at AutoMax, who calculates that Jane will probably receive a $3,000 tax refund after she files her taxes. This amount is three times the value of the $1,000 down payment on the car she loves.

Jane uses the Tax Max promotion to pay a small portion of her down payment. She makes a note in her smartphone calendar that the one-time deferred seasonal payment will be due when she receives her tax refund. Jane is able to drive away in a nicer, newer car the very same day.

When it’s time to file her taxes, Jane collects her W-2s from each of her employers and other relevant tax documents and comes back to AutoMax for free tax preparation! After her $3,000 refund comes in, she pays her deferred seasonal payment.

If you have questions about the Tax Max Program, contact AutoMax of Henderson at 252-430-1006, or AutoMax of Youngsville at 919-570-1107.

Get An Affordable Down Payment On A Used Car For Sale Near You

Take advantage of our temporarily low down payments through our Tax Max program here at AutoMax, a short drive from the North Carolina Research Triangle and an escape from the big city, where you can get an affordable and reliable car, complete with a year-long warranty, free oil changes, and many more benefits.

And, because AutoMax is a buy here pay here car dealership, as long as you have monthly income, you’ll be approved for an auto loan, without a credit check. Everyone deserves the chance to drive a car they love; take your opportunity here at AutoMax.

Shop our used cars for sale, and visit us in person to take one out for a spin!