Things You Didn’t Know About Buy Here Pay Here Cars

You Can Qualify For A Bad Credit Car Loan At AutoMax!

What exactly is a Buy Here Pay Here car? Generally, when you purchase a car from a traditional car dealership they pass the contract to an auto lender, who then provides the loan so that you can purchase the car. With Buy Here Pay Here cars, the dealership finances the car themselves. Sometimes called Pay Here Buy Here cars, it’s basically the same thing as on lot financing, which is commonly used in car commercials. Advertisements that say, “we finance”, “on-lot financing”, “Buy Here Pay Here”, and “Pay Here Buy Here”,  all mean the same thing – you make your monthly car payment directly to the dealership.  
At AutoMax, Buy Here Pay Here has the same meaning. We help our customers get a car loan directly from us and not through a third party, like a bank or credit union. We operate this way because by handling financing on our end, we are in a better position to offer car loans to people who ordinarily might not be eligible, or who might have been turned down in the past when trying to purchase a vehicle.
We are not like other traditional used car dealerships! We are strictly a Buy Here Pay Here car lot. If you need an affordable used car, truck, or SUV, you can trust AutoMax to help you! Our goal is to get you in a better vehicle to get you to work, school, and everywhere in between. We don’t mark-up the cost of our used cars or try to upsell you with additional purchases. If you’re worried about buying a car with poor credit, don’t be! We’re here to work with you, and we understand the importance of sticking to your monthly budget.

Buy Here Pay Here Cars Are Newer Models

Just because we sell Buy Here Pay Here cars, doesn’t mean we only sell older model vehicles. We carry a wide variety of pre-owned cars, vans, trucks and SUVs that are just two to three years old! At AutoMax you can find a vehicle that’s the right fit for you at the right price.

You Can Get A Warranty On Used Cars For Sale

You read that right – we include warranties on all of our vehicles! Anyone who purchases a car at AutoMax gets a great used car warranty included in the purchase price. You can’t beat that! Our warranty is effective for 12 months, or until you have driven 15,000 miles, whichever comes first. A great warranty like this helps you rest assured that you won’t be paying full price for potentially expensive car repairs in the future. Our limited warranty also covers more than just the vehicle’s engine and transmission. An AutoMax warranty can cover:

  1. Air conditioning and heating components 
  2. Axle assembly components (front, rear, four-wheel, and all-wheel drive)
  3. Major brake components
  4. Cooling system components
  5. Electrical components, including the alternator and starter parts
  6. Electronic components, including the cruise control computer, ignition module, and engine control computer
  7. Engine components and certain external engine parts
  8. Fuel system components, including fuel injectors, fuel tank, and lines and fittings
  9. Hybrid/EV components (where applicable)
  10. Steering components
  11. Front and rear suspension components
  12. Automatic transmission and components
  13. Manual transmission and transfer case components
  14. Seals and gaskets, including the cylinder head gasket and intake manifold gasket

In addition to all those things our great warranty can cover, you will also get:

  • Free oil changes while you pay back your Buy Here Pay Here car loan, at one of our preferred shops in Henderson, Youngsville, Creedmore, or Raleigh, North Carolina – up to four oil changes per year
  • A rental car while your vehicle is being repaired
  • 24-hour towing service for breakdowns within the Raleigh-Durham region of North Carolina through American Towing and Recovery

Wow! You can’t beat that exceptional service!

You Can Buy A Car With Poor Credit

At AutoMax we don’t want you to stress about having a bad credit or a low credit score. Our goal is to work with everyone who needs a car when it comes to financing a pre-owned vehicle. Bad credit car loans are our specialty – we want you to be able to get a safe car without worry! We don’t scrutinize your credit score, we are only concerned about your ability to pay back the auto loan. All of the cars we sell are financed, so it’s very likely you will be approved for your loan. Then you can be on your way to working on rebuilding your credit. At AutoMax we work with you, not against you.

You can start the quick and easy process of getting approved for your car loan by filling out the credit application located here. Once you have been approved, you can visit one of our Buy Here Pay Here car lots to begin browsing at a location convenient to you. We have Buy Here Pay Here car dealerships in Henderson and Youngsville, North Carolina. You can also check out our online catalog where we have hundreds of affordable, reliable, pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs for you to choose from. We’re sure you’ll be able to find one that perfectly suits your lifestyle and budget.
Getting a Buy Here Pay Here car with us can even potentially help improve your credit score! If you consistently make payments on-time, we will report this positive behavior to one or more of the major credit reporting agencies, which can help you rebuild your credit score and secure a more stable financial future. Improving your credit score can give you more credit opportunities in the future, with lower interest rates and better monthly payments.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships Perform Careful Inspections

At AutoMax, we inspect every used vehicle before it even comes on to our lot. Every single vehicle that we have for sale has passed a rigorous quality inspection before we offer it for sale to the public. We don’t sell cars that can’t pass our multi-point inspection.
We believe that everyone deserves reliable transportation, and we’re dedicated to going the extra mile for you! For each car we sell, we provide vehicle history reports, title records, odometer history, ownership changes, and even prior accident and salvage information. You can find a car’s report by looking on our website or inside every car on our lot! Reports are also available upon request in our office. On top of that, we offer everyone who buys a vehicle from us an outstanding used car warranty, so your purchase can be worry-free.

Finding Pay Here Buy Here Car Lots Near Raleigh And Durham

Are you ready to own a car you can count on? Are you thinking, “This sounds great, where are there used cars for sale near me?” Look no further than AutoMax because we’re ready to help you find the perfect car! You can browse our inventory online, and then visit us at our Buy Here Pay Here dealership locations in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area to test-drive and buy one of our quality used cars for sale. We’re just a short drive away from the Research Triangle.

Where Are Buy Here Pay Here Cars Near Me?

Check out our locations below. Call or send a message to one of our dealerships to get started today!

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