Top Car Tune-Up Tips for Summer

Used Car Maintenance Tips From AutoMax In North Carolina

Here at AutoMax, we know a thing or two about used cars and how to maintain them.

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And speaking of advice…

Used car maintenance is always a topic of debate, and with summer around the corner, it always helps to be aware of car maintenance tips and car tune-up tips. We put our experience of dealing with used cars for over thirty years to good use and came up with some tips to ensure that your car does not let you down when you head out on those summer road trips. Follow these simple tips before you set out on a road trip for peace of mind and a pleasant drive.

Check Battery Terminals

Your car battery takes a lot of punishment in summer because of the high temperatures and the demand for cooling. It is best to check the battery terminals and remove any build-up near them that could affect battery performance. To clean the terminals, disconnect the cables, sprinkle some baking soda, and finally spray some water on them to form a paste. Let the paste sit for an hour and then wipe it off with a damp sponge or cloth.

Get A Sunshade

Summer inevitably means parking your car in the scorching sun for hours on end. Harsh sunlight can heat car interiors, making it uncomfortable for occupants after a long period out in the sun. The heat can cause premature damage to upholstery and plastics used in the car cabin. A sunshade can help keep the sunlight out to ensure comfortable interiors and lessen damage to the vulnerable components.

Check Coolant Level

Coolant keeps the engine from overheating, and it is vital to maintain a sufficient quantity. If you see a drop in coolant level, top it off with a 50/50 mixture of coolant and water. However, if you notice a puddle under your car after parking it for a couple of hours, the car is probably leaking coolant, and it needs a check-up.

Check Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is one of the easiest things to monitor, but is overlooked often. A simple tire pressure gauge can tell whether the tire pressure matches the recommended pressure specified in the owner’s manual. Too little pressure can cause the tire to flatten and cause excessive pressure on the sidewalls. There is a chance of the tires blowing if the car runs for long periods in hot conditions and at high speeds. Conversely, if the pressure is too high, it can cause the tire to bulge outwards, reducing the area of contact between the tire and the surface of the road. Such a condition can prove dangerous in wet conditions when a lack of traction caused by the reduced contact area can cause hydroplaning.

Check Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades can crack, chip, or break during summers because of the heat. A wiper blade that leaves streaks, takes multiple passes to clear the droplets of rain, or does not clean the windshield effectively, causes reduced visibility. Reduced visibility is dangerous, especially during rainstorms and during the night. It is essential to check windshield wiper blades regularly for signs of wear and tear. Replace them at the earliest signs of damage.

Switch To Summer Tires

Keeping your winter tires on during summer can reduce the fuel efficiency of your car. Replace the heavy winter tires with summer tires or all-season tires that are much lighter. You can have two sets of tires and swap them when seasons change. Keeping this tip in mind can save you a lot of money on long road trips when even a slight dip in fuel efficiency can add up quickly.

Check Hoses And Belts

Hoses and belts keep the radiator and fans running correctly to keep the engine cool. A leaky hose or a snapped belt can quickly cause the engine to overheat, especially in summer when the outdoor temperatures are already high. Check hoses for cracks and leaks; ensure that they feel firm and not soft and bendy. Ensure that there are no leaks at connections. Check for cracks or signs of wear that develop with age and can cause belts to snap. Belts can also sag or become slick over time and should be replaced in such cases.

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Hopefully, these car maintenance tips will help you have safe and pleasant road trips this summer.

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