When Does Buying a Used Vehicle Make More Sense than Buying New?

The connection between a person’s car and their personality is almost always apparent. In a recent Washington Post article, George F. Will outlined the myths surrounding the “American Dream” and how it relates to cars. Simply put – people want a vehicle that amplifies things about their personality. That is why so many rural Americans opt for specific makes and models of trucks, why hip, environmentally-savvy car buyers focus on the Prius or the Subaru Outback, and why so many single men have an aversion to buying the ever-utilitarian minivan. In North Carolina, the Honda Accord is the most popular vehicle available. Chances are if you drive by any lot in Youngsville, Henderson, or Charlotte you’ll see at least a few of these used or new.

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One thing that people don’t see as an extension of their personality? A used car. For many, the stigma of buying a used car is steeped in notions of “newness” and “blank slates.” People want a new car because it is something that they believe they have the option of making entirely their own. Mostly untouched and undriven, the new car is something that can be wholly molded to fit a personality without fear of having a previous owners’ personality rub off on their own.

But for many, buying a new car is not an option -and this is not just because of the price. There are many advantages to purchasing a used vehicle, and in some instances buying used makes much more sense than buying new. AutoMax is determined to get every customer a vehicle which reflects their personality but also makes sense for their lifestyle, so here are some of the reasons why car buyers might opt to buy used cars instead of new cars.

To Save A Little Money

Cars alone are expensive, but when you combine an outright car purchase with all the associated fees, taxes, registration, and insurance costs you can quickly forget just how much money it takes to obtain a new car. Not only are used cars usually cheaper than their fresh-off-the-lot counterparts, but they come with smaller registration and insurance fees. Additionally, you can save thousands of dollars on sales tax when you buy a used vehicle. Unfortunately, many overlook the savings because of the dream of owning a new car, but if you are pinched for money, it is easy to make a savings choice by buying a slightly older, pre-owned version of your dream car.

As A First Car For A Child

Many teens today want to own cars, but with the nature of the economy and the need for sustained academic rigor, buying a car can seem out of reach for a child. But even if a child can afford to buy a car, most cannot afford a new one. Parents express concerns about used vehicles, but in reality, a quality used vehicle is just as safe as a new vehicle, and purchasing a used car for a teen makes a lot more sense than buying a new one. After all, they make mistakes and are prone to accidents, so buying a more modern car is a significant risk.

When parents or financially responsible teenagers buy through AutoMax, they are getting a safe, affordable car that has passed inspection standards.

As A Second Car With A Specific Budgetary Need

In America, 9.2 million households are without a car. However, for rural Americans, being without a car just isn’t an option. They rely on cars to get them to and from school, work, the store, and to doctors appointments. And for larger families, it’s likely that more than one car will become the norm as the family grows. Unfortunately, larger families often don’t have the money to obtain a second new car, which can be an issue.

But used car dealerships make obtaining a second car a possibility for families who need one but might not be able to afford one. AutoMax of North Carolina has a history of customer success and a large lot with many vehicle options available. What’s even more helpful is an AutoMax agent will work with your specific budgetary needs to ensure that you can walk away with a reliable second car within your budget.

Someone Looking To Make Greener Options

It’s true that buying an entirely new car does take a tremendous toll on the environment. And if your ideal new vehicle only gets 20 miles to the gallon, a greener option would be to purchase a reliable used car that gets 25 miles to the gallon. The reason? Over a fourth of a car’s carbon emissions throughout its life will come from its creation. It’s this reason why buying used anything – be it cars, clothes, or houses – will always be the greener option. Not only does buying a used car reduce the need for additional material mining, but it also reduces the number of new carbon emissions which are being put into an already fragile planet. As it turns out, being green can also save you some green.

Someone Looking For Alternative Financing Options

Finally, most new car dealers require their customers to purchase their cars up front. Unless a customer has many thousands of dollars saved up, it is impossible to buy a $25,000+ purchase without receiving additional assistance. Unfortunately, poor credit impacts over a third of the population and can make obtaining a loan to purchase a car nearly impossible. With most used car dealerships, like AutoMax, there are in-house financing options which allow customers flexibility when it comes to their purchase amount and payment period.

AutoMax of Henderson and Youngsville has a vast inventory of used cars that make sense for most buyers, regardless of your circumstances. Whether you are in need of financial assistance to make a purchase, need help finding a used car for your teenager, or are in the market for a second car and want an honest opinion, AutoMax has the experience to help you with your purchase. For more information, contact us at (252) 430-1006 (Henderson) or (919) 570-1107 (Youngsville) to start your next car buying process.