Why AutoMax Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership Beats Traditional Car Dealers

Most people are generally familiar with the traditional car buying process. They visit a new car dealership, look through the inventory, pick out a couple cars they like, and take them for a test drive. Once they decide on the one they want, the wheeling and dealing begins. A sales manager gets involved, a price is settled on, and discussions about how to finance the car begins. This whole process can take hours of your precious time and often cause a lot of stress. After all, the deal’s not done until you sign on the line, right? What if there was a better way to buy a car?

You’re in luck. When you buy a car at AutoMax, you’ll have a better experience than buying one through a traditional car dealership. When you walk through the door at AutoMax you’ll immediately be impressed by the warmth and friendliness of the staff members who greet you. That’s because AutoMax employees are dedicated to customer service first and foremost. The staff at AutoMax makes a point of getting to know you and your specific transportation needs before they show you any cars. They enjoy building relationships with their customers, because they know this relationship-building is what keeps customers coming back and referring friends and neighbors to AutoMax. Plus, they’re just nice people.

Shopping for a car at AutoMax (or any other buy here pay here car dealership) has several benefits over buying from a traditional car dealership. Here are a few of the ways that AutoMax beats conventional car dealerships every time.

AutoMax Provides In-House Financing

AutoMax finances 100% of the cars they sell in-house, which means no other entities are involved. No banks, no credit unions and no finance companies. Because of this, people with bad credit or no credit history at all are welcome at AutoMax. Their finance team works with you to set up your loan with monthly payments that fit your budget. Their goal is to get you into a reliable car at a price you can afford. How many traditional car dealerships do that?

AutoMax Offers Easy Credit Approval

The loan approval process at this buy here pay here car dealership couldn’t be easier. Their online application form is easy to fill out ahead of your visit, so when you walk into the store in Henderson or Youngsville, the sales folks have your information and can immediately get you started on the car selection process. If an online form isn’t convenient for you, the folks at AutoMax will be happy to get your information from you when you get there. It only takes a few minutes, and all you need to bring with you is a valid North Carolina or Virginia driver’s license, two recent pay stubs, and a current utility bill which helps establish residency. You’ll be approved and on your way to a test drive before you know it!

AutoMax Gives You Payment Options – Lots Of Them!

Traditional car dealers require you to make your car payments to the financial institution that made the loan to you. Once you walk out of the traditional dealership, you’re on your own in that sense; you have no more contact with the employees at the dealership unless you need to bring your car in for maintenance or repairs. They’ll have no idea whether you’re making your monthly car payments or not, nor will they care. That’s not the way it works at AutoMax. This buy here pay here car dealership cares greatly whether you make your car payment on time because they have a vested interest in you. They care about your future, and because they care, they make it as easy as possible to make timely payments on your car loan with no hassle. Their convenient payment portal is a great way to make monthly payments. You can also pay by mail, phone, text, or automatic withdrawal from your checking account. Or you can stop by either the Henderson or Youngsville, North Carolina, store locations and make your payment in person. They’re always happy to visit with their customers!

AutoMax Can Help You Rebuild Your Credit Score

Whichever way you choose to pay, it’s critical to keep those monthly payments coming in on time. Making consistent on time payments on your loan may help rebuild your credit score. AutoMax will report your good payment history to Equifax, one of the nation’s leading credit reporting agencies. Once you establish a history of making good payments, your credit score may start showing that. Traditional car dealers don’t care about whether you’re trying to rebuild your credit or not, and often people with bad credit are out of luck at a traditional car dealership. AutoMax is different. They want you to succeed and they help you do it.

AutoMax Offers A Host Of Other Benefits

There are still other ways that AutoMax beats out a traditional car dealer. They’re more focused on the quality of the cars they sell than on quantity. They have more flexibility when it comes to trade-ins since they finance 100% of the cars they sell on-site. They offer free oil changes during the life of your loan (up to 4 per year). And their customer referral program pays you in cash when you refer friends and family members to AutoMax. All of this adds up to a great customer experience – an experience quite different than the one you get when you buy a car at a traditional car dealership.

If you’re looking for a car, come see why AutoMax beats out traditional dealers when it comes to car buying. They’ve been serving customers in Wake, Durham, Orange, Franklin, Vance, Granville, Person, Nash, Johnston, Warren and Halifax counties for nearly 30 years now. And with locations in both Henderson and Youngsville, North Carolina, they’re probably conveniently located near you. Come experience a better way to buy a car at AutoMax!