Why Choose a Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot when Buying a Used Car

When you’re ready to buy a pre-owned or used car, you have several options of where you can go to purchase. You could purchase a car from an individual. You could purchase a car from a large car dealer, or you could purchase a car from a Buy Here Pay Here car lot, like AutoMax in Henderson and Youngsville.

Buying from an individual can be messy. You have to make sure you get the car inspected by one or more people, and you have to make sure you check off all the boxes, like title, history reports, etc. Plus, you have to make sure you’re getting a fair price. This whole process can be lengthy and stressful.

Buying from a large car dealer – one that may also sell new cars – also has a few downfalls, such as whether or not you’ll be approved for financing. Since large car dealers typically go through large banks or credit unions, you may have a hard time getting approved if you’ve had any credit trouble or don’t have credit at all. Also, you’ll typically spend half a day working on paperwork for a third party provider at these large dealerships. In addition, the selection is probably slim to nil on great used cars. And if you do find a good car for you, you may be getting ripped off, since used cars are typically a liability for large dealers.

Buying from a Buy Here Pay Here car lot is the best choice for buying a used car. From great financing options to a great used car inventory, here are some of the many reasons why:

Why Buy A Used Car From Our Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot

1. We’re A One-Stop-Shop

Customers at our Buy Here Pay Here car lot in Henderson and Youngsville love that they only have to make one stop and one call to get a great used car. No need to call your bank or a credit union and fill out multiple applications for financing. It’s all done here.

When you’re ready to shop our lot, check out inventory online to see what we have or give us a call to see if there’s anything additional in stock. Or, just come by. You’ll meet with one of our friendly professionals, who will guide you through the process of buying a used car at our Buy Here Pay Here lot.

He or she will explain to you how the Buy Here Pay Here financing works, help you browse through our selection, test drive cars, and get you in the car you need. Once you’ve chosen your car, we dive into financing and negotiate terms with you. We’re up front about everything and explain every little detail along the way.

The whole process is much quicker, since you get financing in-house. You’ll be out of our Henderson or Youngsville car lot in no time, with financing terms you want and a car you enjoy.

2. We Provide Financing To People With Less-Than-Perfect Credit Or No Credit

These days, it’s not unusual for people to have past credit bumps and bruises, and that shouldn’t keep you from getting the car you want, when you need it. Unlike some things, a car can’t wait for you to improve your credit, and we understand that. Large banks, dealerships and credit unions don’t understand that, so it can be tough to get approved for financing there. Our Buy Here Pay Here car lot offers financing to people in all credit situations.

Whether you haven’t had the chance to build any credit or you are working on rebuilding yours from a tough financial time, Buy Here Pay Here financing is perfect for you. We provide credit terms and conditions that are reasonable for your situation, so we can be a partner in your financial future. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll make it to work the next day without your current car – our Buy Here Pay Here lots are here to help you out.

3. You’re Partnering With A Local Team You Can Trust

Instead of going through a big bank or dealership using a third party provider, our Buy Here Pay Here car lot is your financer. We offer in-house auto financing that our customers love. When you come to our lot in Henderson or Youngsville for our Buy Here Pay Here financing, you get peace of mind that you are not just a number in our system.

We’ll be here for you from the very beginning, and when any problem or question arises, we’re here for you at any time. We want to build a personal relationship with our customers, so they never feel like they aren’t important. We want to help you and your family reach your goals and make sure your needs are met.

4. We Help You Build Credit

If you have no credit or need to build credit after a difficult financial time, we help you do that. Each payment that you make on time is reported to Equifax. You’ll get the satisfaction of seeing your on time payments get reported month after month, which may help your credit score improve, and help you to have a better financial future.

In addition, we’ll help you set up automatic payments, so that you can work on your credit score with ease. We also accept a wide variety of payments, so you can pay however is easiest for you.

5. You Can Make A Low Down Payment

Since we have in-house financing at our Buy Here Pay Here car lots, we can be more flexible with your loan’s terms, including a down payment. We help you in whatever financial situation you are in, so we work to find a down payment that fits your budget. We don’t want to let a down payment scare you away from buying a car.

Yearly, from November 1st to January 15th, we also offer our $89 Down special. With this, you can defer a higher-than-normal amount, thanks to your tax refund.

6. We Are More Focused On Vehicle Quality Than Other Dealerships

Since used cars are all of what we sell, we are focused on quality more than other dealerships – especially those primarily selling new cars. In addition, our inspection standards and vehicle reconditioning processes are top-of-the-line.

For every car on our Buy Here Pay Here lot, we offer car warranties and provide vehicle repair history, history reports and warranty details.

7. You Have Greater Trade-In Flexibility

Buy Here Pay Here car lots, like ours, are typically more lenient when it comes to trade-ins with older model vehicles. This is simply because we understand the value and benefit of getting long-term use out of cars that are older, even though other dealerships don’t normally accept them.

We are more able to find someone to buy the older model cars, so we are happy take them as trade-ins. We aren’t focused only on new cars, new technologies and profits, like many big dealerships. We are focused on our customers’ needs and financial futures.

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