Buy Here Pay Here Financing in Raleigh, NC

Are you a car buying customer who lives near Raleigh, NC with no credit, low credit or bad credit, or are you a first-time car buyer? Look no further than AutoMax’s Buy Here Pay Here auto financing to fit your needs.

At AutoMax in Henderson and Youngsville, NC, we offer Buy Here Pay Here auto financing to residents who live in Raleigh, NC or the surrounding area. Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) financing describes the process when our customers choose to purchase their vehicle through our in-house financing services, rather than receiving a loan from an outside bank, credit union or finance company. Our customers buy the car and pay for the car at the AutoMax dealership.

Buy Here Pay Here in-house auto financing is designed for buyers that may not qualify for traditional car credit. A loan from AutoMax could help those with prior credit bumps and bruises to re-establish good credit, by reporting on-time payments to major credit bureaus monthly. We will also set up your payments to be at the best time for you each month – usually around your pay days, so you can have a successful loan experience. Our overall goal is to get you in a great vehicle, supported.

Instead of paying a third-party provider, such as a bank or credit union, payments are made to the AutoMax you purchased your car from. Our AutoMax dealerships work with and accept a wide variety of payment forms, including:

  • Automatically charge your Debit Card
  • Automatic ACH (auto-draft)
  • Traditional Mail
  • Call-in
  • Text Pay
  • Online Payment Portal
  • IVR
  • In-store

If you’re experiencing financing difficulty or have in the past, or if you are customer who hasn’t made a major purchase like a car before, Buy Here Pay Here auto financing is the perfect solution to your needs.

Do you live near Raleigh, NC and are you ready to get started with your financing application for our Buy Here Pay Here service? Get approved through our quick application in our online portal today!


What is the difference between the terms "We Finance", "On-the-Lot Financing" and "Buy Here Pay Here"?

Lots of terms are thrown around by different car dealerships try to be like AutoMax. In short, “we finance”, “on-the-lot financing”, and “buy here pay here” advertisements all mean the same thing. Auto dealers of all shapes and sizes use these sayings interchangeably to describe the in-house auto financing available to car buying customers at their dealerships. The problem is very few actually offer this type of financing. AutoMax is 100% Buy Here Pay Here 100% of the time. All our cars are Buy Here Pay Here cars. All our customers are Buy Here Pay Here customers. If you come to AutoMax and you are not a good fit for our program we will gladly refer you to another dealership.

Many dealers use these terms in their advertisements to attract customers to do a credit application. Many of these other dealerships do not intend to offer in-house financing. They only wish to get your personal information shop it around to a dozen finance companies and hope they find an approval. This is a waste of your time. To ensure you’re in good hands with any Buy Here Pay Here dealership, make sure that your credit application is not going to a bank or multiple banks, and that your credit won’t be pulled multiple times. As you may know, when your credit is pulled over and over, it could result in lowering your credit score, and can make your current credit situation even worse.

Why choose Buy Here Pay Here auto financing vs. traditional financing in Raleigh?

Buy Here Pay Here auto financing, offered at AutoMax benefits car buying customers who have experienced significant financial hardships or are currently having trouble getting a car loan from traditional financing options like major banks and credit unions.

In addition, Buy Here Pay Here in-house auto financing offers a certain peace of mind that you don’t get when you go through a third-party loan provider. From the moment you step into one of our AutoMax dealerships we build a relationship with you. We start learning about your car buying needs, as well as your financial needs, and we explain how the Buy Here Pay Here auto financing process works. Our customers appreciate doing business with someone they know and trust. We build personal relationships with every customer. Our customers are never treated as just a number in the loan department.

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