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What Does "Buy Here Pay Here" Mean?

Buy here pay here dealerships are one of the fastest-growing segments in the auto industry, but there is no widely agreed-upon definition. That makes buy here pay here very misunderstood. 

To us at AutoMax, buy here pay here means we help our customers get a car loan direct from us and not through a third party, such as a bank or credit union. Because we handle all financing, we are in the unique position to extend car loans to people who might have been turned down in the past.

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What is the Difference Between "We Finance", "On The Lot Financing", and "Buy Here Pay Here"?

In short, there are no differences! Many car dealers use these terms interchangeably -- and have created a lot of buy here pay here myths as a result.

Many dealers place buy here pay here signs on their lot in hopes of attracting customers with credit challenges, with no intention of ever offering a true buy here pay here experience. Instead, they want you to fill out a credit application so they can shop  your information around to banks for financing, instead of offering the credit themselves.

This leads to you, a car buyer, applying at lots of different dealers, who pull your credit, lots of different times -- which can negatively affect your credit score! If you already have bad credit, you know that shopping around for a car loan usually doesn’t end well and puts you in an even worse situation than you were before. Plus, you’re now frustrated with the entire car-buying process.

AutoMax is different because we offer a true buy here pay here experience by personally financing 100% of all cars we sell. If you have credit challenges and need a car, make AutoMax your first stop when shopping for a vehicle.

Am I really going to be approved to buy a car from automax?


Unlike car lots who claim to be buy here pay here, AutoMax actually does finance all the cars we sell. We look at your current ability to repay your loan. If you work to make money each month, and your monthly budget can cover the cost of a vehicle, we can approve you to buy a pre-owned vehicle from us.

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Who should go to a buy here pay here dealership near Raleigh, NC?

A true buy here pay here dealership is great for first-time car buyers and buyers with low credit scores. If you have had trouble getting an auto loan in the past, a buy here pay here dealership in Raleigh, NC, should be the first place you visit during your car search.

What’s the difference between a pay here buy here dealership and a traditional car dealership?


The only real difference between a buy here pay here dealership and a traditional one is the customer’s shopping experience. At a traditional dealership, the salesman gets you to fall in love with a car before ever talking about finances -- the most important part of buying a reliable, affordable used vehicle! Now you’ve wasted all that time, energy, and emotions, only to find out you aren’t approved to buy the car.


At AutoMax, a buy here pay here dealership, we reverse the process. We’ll talk to you about your needs, your budget, and get to know you as a person before ever showing you vehicles on our car lot. Once we agree upon your monthly payment range and down payment, we’ll only show you cars that are right for you, your lifestyle, and your unique financial situation.

Can buying a buy here pay here car help establish or rebuild my credit?

Yes! Buy here pay here car dealerships like AutoMax report to one or more of the credit bureaus, which can help you establish or rebuild your credit when you make on-time payments. In fact, a car loan is one of the best and fastest ways to improve a credit rating.

End the vicious cycle of trying to build credit, but not being able to get a loan when you choose a quality pre-owned car at AutoMax. When you make on-time payments to us toward paying off your vehicle, you might find other financial issues become easier too, like qualifying for cell phone plans and taking care of your family.

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How and where do I make car payments on a buy here pay here car?

Traditional auto financing requires you to make monthly payments to a bank or other lender who gave you an auto loan. Buy here pay here dealerships may ask you to take weekly or bi-weekly payments directly to them.

Typically, buy here pay here dealers arrange your payments to correspond with your pay day, which can help you enjoy a successful loan experience. Many buy here pay here dealers accept a variety of payment methods.

At AutoMax, we understand life can get busy, and your time is valuable. That’s why we offer several payment options for your convenience, including:


  • Automatic debit
  • Automatic ACH (auto-draft)
  • Traditional mail
  • Call-in/over-the-phone payments
  • Text Pay
  • Online Payment Portal
  • In-store

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Automax's Recall Policy


Vehicle manufacturers have not authorized AutoMax to complete recall repairs and close out recalls on vehicles. The current recall system is based on the manufacturer’s relationship with its franchise dealers and registered owners.

Before you purchase a vehicle from AutoMax, one of our friendly team members will review with you a Vehicle History report and a VIN-specific recall report from the Carfax website. AutoMax notifies customers prior to purchasing to have open recalls fixed by the manufacturer as soon as possible.


AutoMax advises that you register your vehicle with the manufacturer as soon as you make a purchase. The details for registration vary by manufacturer, but you will usually need your address, date of purchase, VIN number, and the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

Registering your vehicle allows you to receive information on open recalls, as well as other important information, directly from your vehicle’s manufacturer. You also will be listed with the manufacturer as the current owner if a new recall is issued. Recall repairs are provided free-of-charge at the manufacturer’s authorized repair facilities.

Learn more about recall information from these trusted organizations:


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