AutoMax Trusted Partners

East Carolina Tire

Diagnostic fees are waived for AutoMax customers!

1822 N Garnett St.

Henderson, NC

(252) 430-1006

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ProTire of Raleigh

Open on Saturdays!

9229 Capital Blvd

Raleigh, NC

(919) 876-9144

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Victory Tire & Auto


436 Hwy 1

Youngsville, NC

(919) 556-7726

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Ronnie White's Tire


5708 NC 96

Youngsville, NC

(919) 556-6810

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Choice Automotive


2580 W. Lyon Station Rd

Creedmoor, NC

(919) 528-1561

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Trusted Repair Services near Raleigh, NC

At AutoMax, we make sure all our vehicles are inspected for safety and reliability before we offer them for sale to our customers. All vehicles purchased at AutoMax come with one of the best used-car warranties in the industry. This doesn’t, however, mean that you’ll never need maintenance or repair work done.

Our trusted partners will take care of your maintenance and repair needs.

AutoMax offers a network of authorized repair shops near Raleigh, NC. Any of the authorized repair shops will be able to work with AutoMax and your warranty company to ensure that your vehicle is repaired and the items that are covered under your warranty are paid by the warranty company. Each of the shops listed above understand how to work with Assured Vehicle Protection, which is the warranty company, to ensure any warranty items that are covered are paid by the warranty company and not you.  AutoMax prefers East Carolina Tire or Pro Tire and we use them whenever possible.  If you need a rental car and the rental charges are covered by the warranty company, you must use A-1 Auto Rental.  A-1 Auto Rental is the only approved rental car company under the AutoMax warranty.  All rentals must be picked up, signed for, and returned to the nearest AutoMax location.

If you choose to use a shop not listed as one of our authorized repair shops, then you may be required to pay for the repairs in full and file a claim with Assured Vehicle Protection for reimbursement on the covered items. An AutoMax service coordinator will be happy to help you with the paperwork required for reimbursement. Both AutoMax locations have warranty coordinators located in-store.

For warranty questions, please refer to the two contacts below:


Please be aware that many of the authorized repair shops often waive charges for such things as diagnostic fees, shop supplies, and test drive time. These charges are not covered under warranty and will be the customers’ responsibility if work is completed by a non-authorized repair shop.

If, at any time, you need immediate roadside pick-up, please call 877-262-1705.

AutoMax’s trusted partners include the following repair shops near Raleigh, NC. We prefer East Carolina Tire and use them whenever possible. All of these shops participate in our free oil change program. Many of them also waive charges for items such as diagnostic analysis, shop supplies, and test-drive time. These are charges that are not covered under our regular warranty. If you choose to use a non-authorized repair shop, you will be responsible for these charges when you pick up your vehicle.

Rental Service

If you need a rental car while yours is being repaired, we can help with that. If rental charges are included under your warranty coverage, call A-1 Auto Rental to arrange a rental car while yours is in the shop. A-1 Auto Rental is the only approved rental car company under the AutoMax warranty program. All rentals must be picked up and returned to the nearest AutoMax location.

Non-Warrantied Repairs in Raleigh

The warranty offered is one of the most comprehensive warranties that you will find in the industry. For most cars, covered items extend to 12 Months or 15,000 miles from the date of purchase. With that being said, there are some repairs that are not covered by the warranty. If a current customer finds themselves in need of mechanical repairs not covered by the warranty, then AutoMax does offer assistance. For details call your local Automax and ask to speak with the service coordinator. As a general rule, non-warrantied repairs can be added to your account within the first 18 months of the loan. We do ask that you be current on your account, pay at least 1/3 of the repair up front, and setup payment arrangements to pay for the repairs within twelve months of the work being completed. If a non-warrantied repair is necessary, and the customer is in need of a rental car, the customer is eligible to obtain one at an extremely reduced rate.

AutoMax is always updating and adding things to the warranty. For the most recent version of the warranty, contract, and coverage details, click here.