Financing Benefits at AutoMax in Raleigh, NC

Why Buy Here Pay Here Financing Is a Great Option for You


Getting approved for a car loan through a bank or credit union is time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you have no credit, low credit, or a bad credit history. If you are having trouble getting a car loan, buy here pay here financing at AutoMax is perfect for you. 


On-the-lot financing at AutoMax in Henderson and Youngsville, NC means you can get a car loan straight from us, regardless of your financial history. Simply show us your proof of employment, and we’ll help you get a quality used car.


We know life is not easy if you don’t have reliable transportation. Our goal is to get you out of the stressful, car-less situation you may be in now, and get you into a great, quality pre-owned vehicle that fits your needs. Everyone deserves to feel the freedom of car ownership!


Our customers choose AutoMax and buy here pay here financing for quite a few reasons, and we’re happy to see our customers come back to us every time they need a newer vehicle. 


Receive Auto Financing, Regardless of Your Credit Score or Past Financial History

The biggest benefit of Buy Here Pay Here auto financing at AutoMax of Henderson and Youngsville, NC is that it gives car buyers with current or past credit issues the opportunity to get much needed transportation. Life can be painful and stressful without transportation to and from work, as well as to take your kids to school and do other necessary day-to-day activities. At AutoMax, it is our goal to get you out of the stressful situation you may be in with our Buy Here Pay Here auto financing and help you get into a great quality car that fits your needs. In many cases, a Buy Here Pay Here dealership like AutoMax may be the only option when someone has been turned down by traditional loan institutions. It can be very stressful to think that you might not be able to get a car, because you’ve had credit trouble in the past. We are glad that we can provide a great solution with our Buy Here Pay Here auto financing to anyone who is in need of a car, along with the ability to build a credit history that is in good standing.

Improve Your Credit Score and Get Better Financing Opportunities in the Future

One of the ways to rebuild a credit history is to make timely payments on an installment loan. Since buying a car is one of the major purchases of your lifetime, the sheer amount of payments needed to be made over time allows you to build a solid credit history, which is much needed if you have a less-than-perfect credit history or none at all. If you consistently make on-time payments to your Buy Here Pay Here car loan, AutoMax of Henderson or Youngsville, NC will report your positive behavior to one or more of the major credit reporting agencies, helping you rebuild your credit score and secure your financial future. An improved credit score will give you and your family more credit opportunities with lower interest rates and better monthly payments in the near future.

Work with a Dealer Who Is Focused on Getting You a Quality Vehicle

Bad credit shouldn’t prevent you from getting a great quality vehicle, but unfortunately, it oftentimes can. AutoMax of Henderson and Youngsville, NC ensures your faithfulness to the in-house auto financing payment plan by providing you with a dependable, quality vehicle that will last a long time. Since you’re making payments to us and building a long-lasting relationship with us, the last thing we will do is give you a car that is not up-to-standard and won’t last a very long time. We offer the highest inspection standards and vehicle reconditioning processes, as well as car warranties. With all of our car buying customers, we provide the repair history, vehicle history reports and warranty details.

Receive Better Trade-In Flexibility at AutoMax Dealerships

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships like AutoMax of Henderson and Youngsville, NC tend to be more forgiving when it comes to accepting trade-ins on older model cars. That’s because we understand the value and benefit of getting long-term use out of cars that many traditional dealerships may not accept. We are more likely to find a buyer for your older model car and to take it as part of a trade-in than the dealership down the road focused solely on new cars, new technologies, and big profits. At the heart of our dealership is our customers’ financial needs and futures, not turning a large profit.

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