Worry Free Car Ownership

100% of the cars and 100% of customers that purchase a vehicle at AutoMax get our outstanding warranty. The warranty is included in the price of the car. All of our prices are displayed on this website and on the vehicles window sticker. We will not try to upsell, upgrade or upcharge you once you have picked out your vehicle. The warranty that we offer has outstanding coverage. Unlike the warranty offered by other dealers the AutoMax warranty covers much more than just the engine and transmission. Our warranty covers an extensive list of items including some components in the air condition, suspension, braking system, steering system, electrical system and cooling system. Our covered components include several items that are rarely included other warranty and/or service contracts. Items such as catalytic converter, engine control module (ECM), power train control module (PCM), several hybrid and electric vehicle components, intake manifolds and torque converter. For a full list of covered components please click here for the most up to date version of the warranty coverages.

Department hours

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