Car Maintenance Tips for Your Buy Here Pay Here Car

Second to the purchase of a new home, buying a vehicle presents one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll ever make. As such, most car owners want to keep their car in pristine condition, which means making time for regular maintenance tasks like cleaning and upgrades. 


For some people, the thought of buying a new - or even a used car - seems like a stretch. Purchasing something reliable requires a sizable down payment and possibly even some special financing. For those with poor credit, this thought can be anxiety-inducing. Luckily, many dealerships offer on the lot financing that allows you to walk away with a buy here pay here car relatively easily.  


What Is Buy Here Pay Here Financing?

Buy here pay here financing is when a dealership makes you a loan to buy a used car. In this transaction, no bank is involved. This type of dealership offers auto loans to borrowers with poor credit when regular lenders won’t take the risk. These dealers typically have unique loan terms and non-standard interest rates. They may also report your on-time payments to the top credit bureaus so you can start rebuilding your credit score. Buy here pay here car financing presents several advantages over your traditional auto loan. Let’s take a closer look. 

#1: Anyone Can Qualify

While traditional lenders pull your credit score and research your credit history before even considering a loan, on the lot financing skips all that. If you’ve made a mistake in the past that virtually ruined your credit score, a buy here pay here car dealership may be just what you need. These dealerships are much more lenient with loan candidates and will work customers even in the most serious of financial situations. Some buy here pay here dealerships even guarantee loan approval.

#2: Paperwork is Minimal

Another great fact about on the lot financing is the turnaround time for all the necessary paperwork. Some of the more rigid financial lenders will slowly and diligently work through the necessary documents, taking days or even weeks to complete all the forms. On the lot dealerships often close the loan the same day. You’ll just need to plan ahead and bring the required documents to the dealership when you come in.

Once You’ve Financed Your New Car, It’s Important to Keep Up Maintenance.

Once you’ve worked through the financing process with the dealership, it’s time to ensure your new ride will keep you on the road for a long time! Here are a few tips to keep your car in tip-top shape throughout the year!

#1: Wax the Exterior

Wax is a pretty powerful tool when it comes to warding off the impact of sunny and wintery months. Taking the time to wax the exterior offers a protective layer for your car’s paint. Pay attention to outside temperatures; ideally, wax should be applied when the temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees. 

#2: Oil Changes

Keep up on your oil changes to ensure your engine runs as efficiently as possible. Evaluate and know the types of oil you should use for your specific car. If your new vehicle permits it, switch from conventional oil to fully synthetic. Synthetic oil flows more easily in warm and cooler temperatures and requires less warm-up time, helping to protect your engine. 

#3: Maintain Battery Health

Batteries are one of the most essential elements of a vehicle, but it’s not often that we stop to think about maintaining them. Checking your battery every 6 months will ensure you never get stranded. Swing by an auto parts store and get your battery tested. You may be surprised to find that it’s time for a new battery. If it turns out you have plenty of charge left, that’s good to know, too. Either way, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

#4: Check Your Tires Tread and Pressure

Your tires keep you steady on the road, and checking your tires for decent tread and correct tire pressure is a necessity to be prepared for any weather conditions. A simple trick for testing tire tread involves grabbing a penny and sticking it upside down in the tire’s grooves. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, then your tires are running a bit thin, and you may experience difficulty on slick roads. Cooler temps can decrease tire pressure. Checking these regularly will ensure not only better performance on the road, but better gas mileage. Manufacturer recommended tire pressure for your vehicle can be found on a sticker inside the door jam or within your owner’s manual.

#5: Clean Your Fuel Injectors

Regularly having your fuel injectors cleaned is important to your vehicle’s maintenance. Doing this helps keep your engine working efficiently and maximizes your gas mileage. Your local auto technician can perform this task, or you can use a fuel injector cleaner when you fill your car.

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