Do Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships Offer Warranties?

The purchase of a new car is a huge commitment and is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are so many things to consider throughout the process, but money tends to be the driving force for many people in the market. Savvy consumers find themselves asking: Is this a fair price? How does the mileage stack up? What do the reviews say about maintenance costs? How will I manage payments?


These financial concerns are escalated even further for consumers stuck in a tight spot and unable to obtain financing. Luckily, the rise of the buy here pay here car lot offers a winning solution. With buy here pay here on the lot financing, you can skip the rigid bank loan process and opt for a more flexible and generous package. Dealerships equipped to offer special financing are here to help and can make owning your next car a reality. AutoMax is one such dealership that’s ready to help get you on the road!


But What about the Warranty? Can I Trust My Purchase?

Buy here pay here car dealerships often get a bad rap as a scam business or one that takes advantage of consumers. Luckily those are just myths. Dealerships like AutoMax care about their customers, and they stand by their products. To prove this, AutoMax offers a comprehensive warranty that goes above and beyond the norm for a used car dealership. 


Warranties are not required by law, but AutoMax feels strongly about providing quality products to consumers, and they strive to uphold the promises made during the sales process. The AutoMax warranty covers more than just the engine and transmission. Coverage extends much further to include the air conditioning unit, suspension, brakes, steering mechanics, the electrical system, and the cooling system. This outstanding warranty offers peace of mind throughout the buying process.

More Good News about AutoMax...

Aside from the warranty, there are a variety of other features to love about AutoMax as a buy here pay here car lot. Take a peek.

#1: It’s Easy to Qualify for Financing

Many consumers choose the buy here pay here financing route because it’s difficult to obtain a loan through more traditional methods. AutoMax offers a fresh start and an opportunity to upgrade your vehicle when no one else will lend a hand. You no longer have to pay cash for a clunker. Instead, you can get the car of your dreams with flexible financing terms packaged nicely with your used car warranty. There’s no judging at AutoMax. It’s easy to qualify!

#2: The Turnaround Time is Unbeatable!

Another great reason to love AutoMax is the quick turnaround time for loan approval. While banks, credit unions, and other types of lenders can take weeks to approve your loan, AutoMax and other buy here pay here dealerships are much quicker. Most of these dealerships have a team on hand dedicated specifically to financing. They can often approve your loan terms the same day, so there is no need to wait. This makes car buying much more fun! 

#3: Flexible Terms that Satisfy Any Budget

A buy here pay here car dealership specializes in original loan packages. The dealership is taking on the risk of the loan, so they can play by a different set of rules, designing a unique set of loan terms for each customer. For consumers stuck in a bad credit situation, this scenario plays out nicely. With quick and customizable auto loans, you’ll easily be able to land something within your budget. That said, make sure to read the fine print, and ask about any dealer specials they may have available. You should always strive to make your dollar stretch as far as possible. 

#4: Prep From Your End is Simple

As you’ve already seen, these dealerships are pros when it comes to turnaround time, but that doesn’t mean you should come unprepared. Luckily, the proof and paperwork required of the consumer is fairly minimal, and the application process is easy. Typically, the dealership will want proof of income and identity. It’s a good idea to call ahead and ask about the required documentation. Here are a few items many dealerships will request:


  • Proof of identification - A valid state-issued driver’s license
  • Proof of income - W-2s or recent pay stubs to show your earnings
  • Proof of residence - There are a variety of ways to prove residency, but items like utility bills, a rental lease, or voter’s registration card often suffice
  • Proof of insurance - Requirements vary by state, but a valid insurance card is helpful
  • Personal references - If your credit is particularly bad, the dealership may ask for a list of references. Come prepared with a list of people who can vouch for your credibility and integrity.

#5: A New Beginning

Probably one of the best things about dealerships like AutoMax is that you have the opportunity to start fresh. While more traditional lenders like banks and credit unions won’t take on the risk, buy here pay here dealers give you the opportunity to redirect your financial future and begin the credit repair process. Once you begin paying consistently, you may notice that your credit score will improve dramatically. This is because most dealerships report timely payments to the top credit reporting agencies. When you work with AutoMax, you’re not only getting a new car, but you’re bargaining for a new beginning!

It’s Time to Find Your Next Ride at AutoMax!

If you’re ready to start your car search, you needn’t look further than your local AutoMax dealership. AutoMax is your trusted North Carolina used car dealer that checks all the boxes. With lots in Henderson and Youngsville, and serving the Raleigh and Durham markets, the opportunity to snag buy here pay here financing at AutoMax is a dream come true for many consumers. Plus, the AutoMax auto warranty provides peace of mind throughout the process. There’s no better place to do business than AutoMax. Visit a location near you, and chat with one of their trusted sales professionals. They’ll help you find the perfect deal for you and your family. Don’t delay!