Have Poor or Bad Credit? Consider a Buy Here Pay Here Car


Poor credit is a common concern for many consumers today. Credit requirements are more stringent than ever, yet the vast majority of Americans require a loan for everyday purchases like a home, business, or vehicle. Whether your unfortunate credit debacle stems from irresponsible purchases, an unlucky life circumstance, or a silly slip-up during college, the challenge is real, and it impacts upwards of thirty percent of Americans each year. 


North Carolina residents need reliable transportation.


One area where North Carolina residents with bad credit feel the pinch is in the ability to purchase a new car. This particular struggle hits close to home because many people need a car of their own to get to and from daily activities. Public transportation gets expensive, and it may not be readily available in some cities, so the lack of an automobile hits pretty hard. Also, many Americans can’t pay cash for a vehicle; it’s hard for most people to save up a large sum of money. This means you’ll need a car loan. But anyone with bad credit knows that few financial institutions are willing to loan money to someone with a low credit score. Since getting a loan is usually the first step in buying a new car, the lack of financing options can hold you back when it’s time to get a new set of wheels.  


But wait! There are options.


While this scenario may seem hopeless, there is a silver lining! Buy here pay here cars are the perfect solution for anyone who’s struggled with credit challenges. AutoMax is a buy here pay here car dealership that fires on all cylinders when it comes to providing vehicles for poor credit consumers in Henderson, Youngsville, Raleigh, and Durham. With in-house financing that offers flexible terms, guaranteed loan approval, quick turnaround times, and a chance to rebuild your credit score, AutoMax is your one-stop-shop for buy here pay here cars. Don’t let lousy credit destroy your ability to move forward, both geographically and financially. 


Here’s a challenge for you. Do a Google search for “bad credit car lot near me” and see what comes up. You may be surprised at how many dealerships you find. While you’re considering your search results, take a look at these reasons to consider a buy here pay here car. 


Poor credit creates a lot of complications.  When it comes to finding financing to purchase a new car. Traditional lenders like banks and credit unions are very selective about who they loan money to, and conventional car dealerships are often the same way. If you’re considering one of these lending options, you’ll be bombarded by credit checks, collateral documentation, and character qualifications you’ll have to provide before moving forward with the loan qualification process. 


Buy here pay here cars are typically purchased through dealerships that offer in-house financing. These car lots have less stringent criteria for loan qualification and are a little more understanding when it comes to bad credit history. In fact, your credit score may not even enter the conversation. Since buy here pay here dealerships loan money directly without going through a bank or other financial institution, they can make the rules when it comes to who they lend to.  


A low down payment. While many North Carolina residents would love to buy a new car, coming up with a respectable down payment can be a challenge. Of course, the way this works is that the more you put down up-front, the smaller your payments will be each month. Luckily, buy here pay here low down payment options offer a solution to those with credit issues. Buy here pay here dealerships work with you to help you get into a vehicle that fits within your budget. And that includes the down payment. They’re more invested in your future success than in your past financial woes. Skip the pressure of working with larger banks and opt for a low down payment loan. 


Trade-in opportunities. Buy here pay here dealerships are also great places to trade in an old vehicle for credit towards your new ride. You can make your buy here pay here low down payment go farther by taking a little more off the purchase price with a trade-in. Dealerships like AutoMax are happy to take a look at your existing vehicle, even if it’s an older model, so even if you’ve owned your car for years, there’s still a chance that it’s worth something in trade-in value. Also, many buy here pay here dealerships specialize in used vehicles. They have technicians that will check your old car out and get it ready for a new owner. Dealerships like AutoMax focus on helping customers find the right car for their needs, so get a little creative and ask for an estimate. Every little bit helps.


Restore bad credit


One of the best reasons to consider buy here pay here cars is that working with this type of dealership often allows you to start rebuilding your credit score. Many buy here pay here car dealers will report your on-time payments to one or more of the top three consumer credit reporting agencies. These agencies monitor the lines of credit you have open, and when they see payments being made on time every month, that’s a good sign. It tells future lenders that you’re getting your financial house back in order.


Still Worried About Your Bad Credit? Don’t Be!


If you’re still worried about whether your bad credit will impact your ability to get a car loan, just search “poor credit car lot near me.” If you’re located in Raleigh, Durham, or the surrounding areas, AutoMax (located in Youngsville and Henderson) is likely to return results. That’s because our team is the best when it comes to working with bad credit customers. Finding a loan with poor credit has never been easier. Visit today!