We Take Trades

Yes.... We want your trade-in

One of the most popular questions we get is … Will you take my trade?   

The answer is YES.   We love trades.   

We take good trades, bad trades, ugly trades, old trades, banged up trades and even non-running trades.

Planning to Trade in? Consider this ....

  • You will need your car’s certificate of title.  If it is missing, the department of motor vehicles can tell you how to get it replaced.  If that is too much work just ask us and we can help.
  • The cars current registration.   This will confirm vehicle ownership and confirm tags are current and eligible to be transferred to your new car.
  • If you still have a loan on the car, you will need to have your account number or a 15-day payoff amount.
  • You will need a valid photo ID so we can confirm you identity and notarize your signature on the title
  • All your car keys and the owner's manual. Extra keys are important and valuable so don’t leave them at home.
  • You should clean out your car, paying special attention to areas out of sight but convenient for stashing things: under seats, over the visors and in the glovebox.
  • If your car has a navigation system, clear out personal information, like your address and phone numbers.
  • Bring your old maintenance records. Showing that regular maintenance was performed on the car will increase the value.
  • Don't forget the sunglasses tray or the garage door opener. Once you trade that car, they will probably be gone forever.
  • Fill your tank with gas. Dealerships love this!
    ...Just kidding, don't waste your money. It's fine to bring it to us empty.

Want to get an idea of what your trade is worth?

  • There are plenty of websites that can give you an idea of what your car is worth.   Some of the most popular ones are www.nadaguides.com and www.kbb.com.
  • AutoMax will almost always beat any other dealerships trade offer. Remember we sell used cars so will always pay more than those new car stores do.
  • Want a more accurate estimate of your trade value?  Check out the Value My Trade form and we will call you back with an offer.

Watch the Video Above to see Kevin Attempt to Evaluate a Trade

We promise we won't send Kevin to do your appraisal. (He's got no idea what it's worth.) Don't worry, we have plenty of appraisers that can make sure you get the most for your trade.

Top Reasons to Trade at AutoMax

  • If you trade your car in you will always gain tax savings from sales tax advantage
  • We guarantee a higher cash offer than CarMax or any other franchise dealer.
  • Trades reduce the amount financed which lowers the amount of interest that you are paying during the life of the loan
  • You can lower your down payment if you have equity in your trade
  • You can save the hassle and the time it takes to sell yourself
  • You don’t have to fix all the problems with your current car before selling it