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When are Tornadoes Common in North Carolina?

North Carolina Severe Weather Driving Tips

Tornadoes are most common in North Carolina in the late spring to early summer time. With warmer weather arriving we can expect to see rain, thunderstorms, possible tornadoes, hailstorms and more. Many of us know what to do in the event of severe weather when we are at home or work but what do we do if we are on the road in our vehicle? Take a look at these North Carolina severe weather driving tips.   Read the rest of this entry >>

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Maintaining Vehicle Resale Value

How to Keep Your Vehicle’s Resale Value High

Unfortunately, vehicles do not go up in value once you purchase it and in fact as soon as the vehicle leaves the lot, the resale value begins to decrease. There are determined factors that cannot be controlled when it comes to your vehicles resale value like location, market condition, age, and mileage but there are ways to keep your vehicle’s worth as much as possible when it comes time to sell it or trade it in. Take a look at these steps to make sure you keep your vehicle’s resale value as high as possible.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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AutoMax Warranty Coverage

Can you Get a Warranty with a Used Vehicle Purchase?

Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision and it can be stressful but at AutoMax of Youngsville, we pride ourselves on making it as easy as possible. Sure, purchasing a brand new vehicle has its benefits but so does purchasing a previously owned vehicle. What’s preventing you from checking out a pre-owned vehicle? Is it the warranty? Check out the AutoMax warranty we provide will all of our vehicle purchases to give our customers all the benefits and more of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from us.  Read the rest of this entry >>

Easter Events 2017 near Youngsville, Raleigh and Henderson NC

The Easter season is upon us and if you live in the Youngsville, Henderson, Raleigh or surrounding area you will find there are plenty of great Easter events going on in the area. Take the kids to a local Easter egg hunt, visit the Easter Bunny, have brunch and more! The options are endless so take a look at some of the Easter events going on near Raleigh this year and enjoy some good old-fashioned family fun.   Read the rest of this entry >>