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When are Tornadoes Common in North Carolina?

North Carolina Severe Weather Driving Tips

Tornadoes are most common in North Carolina in the late spring to early summer time. With warmer weather arriving we can expect to see rain, thunderstorms, possible tornadoes, hailstorms and more. Many of us know what to do in the event of severe weather when we are at home or work but what do we do if we are on the road in our vehicle? Take a look at these North Carolina severe weather driving tips.  

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Tornado Driving Tips

Tornadoes can be really scary because they can cause so much damage in a very short amount of time. If you spot a tornado while you’re driving or know there is a tornado nearby what do you do? Take a look at these tornado driving tips.

  • Do not try to outrun the tornado 
  • Get out the vehicle and seek shelter 
  • If you cannot find shelter, lie down in a ditch or low area. Stay face down and put your hands on the back of your head 
  • Be on alert for rising water 

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Thunderstorm, Hailstorm, and Rain Driving Tips

Rain can cause issues as well when driving and thunderstorms and hailstorms provided add severity to the situation. Of course, many of us know how to handle driving in the rain but here are some helpful tips on thunderstorm, hailstorm, and rain driving tips.

  • Turn on headlights 
  • Turn off cruise control 
  • Turn on wipers 
  • Take it slow 
  • Listen to the radio for updates on severe weather and traffic updates 
  • If there is hail, find shelter. Take cover by pulling over under an underpass or bridge 

Share these tips with your young drivers to ensure they are safe during severe weather situations. Remember to make sure your vehicle is ready for spring by replacing windshield wipers, checking headlights and whatever else. Check out our blog for more helpful tips and tricks.