Benefits of Financing Your Vehicle through a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer

There are many great benefits to buying through the Buy Here Pay Here process. While you may know some reasons, there are others that you may have overlooked and never really thought existed!

You See The Seller And Loan Provider

Going this route, you get to actually talk directly to and meet both the seller and loan provider, in person. Currently, where so many things are done through the internet and over the phone, it’s nice to be able to put a face with a name. It also gives you a better sense of who you are dealing with as you can talk to the person, shake hands, and sometimes negotiate a better deal with them in person than you might over the phone or internet.

You Are Not Just A Number But A Valued Customer

The dealership wants your business and wants to make the sale but they also want you to be happy with the deal. Most Buy Here Pay Here dealers are not huge auto dealerships with vast lots spread throughout the country. They are usually smaller operations with less than a handful of dealers under one operation. Therefore, it is important to them that people that come on the lot make a purchase. They are sometimes willing to negotiate better to get your business, as they know that your purchase is important to their bottom line. In most cases, they don’t have big advertising budgets so when you get on their lot; they want to make it worth both their and your time.

Building A Business Relationship

As with all businesses, it’s not about just getting a one-time sale, it’s about getting sales for years and years to come. They want repeat customers who will refer their family members and friends to their place of business in the future. Word of mouth is key and you as a happy customer is their greatest and biggest advertisement. If you are happy with the vehicle and the deal, they can feel assured that you will tell others about them and that will send more business their way in the end. In addition, having a good business relationship can be helpful if you hit a little bad luck financially, as the Buy Here Pay Here car lot might be more willing to work with you with late payments.

An Option When Others Aren’t Always Available

Buy Here Pay Here is often an option when a buyer’s alternatives are limited. Not everyone has perfect credit but people need a way to get around. While public transportation is often available, the freedom of buying and owning a vehicle is important and something that many people want. Although Buy Here Pay Here dealers might have a slightly higher interest rate, it is worth it to be able to purchase the vehicle when other avenues aren’t available. Yes, the interest rate is typically higher but that is due to the fact that the dealership is assuming a higher risk that someone with a low credit score will fall behind on payments or default on the loan altogether.

Credit Score Improvement

One of the biggest benefits is the fact that although a person might have a low credit score at the beginning of their loan term, their payments made on time will be reported to the credit bureau. With that positive payment history, an improved credit score can very possibly be achieved. While your credit score probably won’t increase dramatically, it can possibly improve and in time, it can help a person receive lower and more attractive interest rate choices in the future.

Less Hassle

Buy Here Pay Here includes the convenience of paying your vehicle to someone in person and not having to mail it. You don’t have to worry about mailing the payment off and hoping the postal service gets it there on time and that it doesn’t get lost in the mail. It also gives you a chance to pay at the dealership and talk to the people that work there. You can build up a rapport with them and that could translate into a better business relationship on future purchases.

Lower Down Payments

While the dealer might charge a higher interest rate, the buyer quite often has little money down on the transaction. Instead of having to save up a huge down payment, they can go to the dealer, pick out a vehicle, sign the papers, and drive it off the lot as a car owner with a smaller down payment. There isn’t an extensive credit search where your credit report is hit with dozens of credit inquiries but is instead checked once and you have a fast answer.


The buyer has a vehicle and no longer has to walk, ask a friend or family member for a ride, or depend on public transportation. They also get to experience the pride of sense of ownership. They are then able to depend on themselves and not upon the kindness of others. They have a sense of pride in ownership and that can be a boost to a person’s self-esteem as they now control what they can do and where they can go.


Purchasing an automobile is something that thousands of people do every day and many of them make purchases through Buy Here Pay Here dealers. The vast majority of those purchases end up with a happy customer purchasing a dependable car. Buy Here Pay Here dealerships provide an alternative to the norm and help people that may not have the funds to pay a big down payment or a higher credit score to get dependable transportation. They get customers into a vehicle with payments that they can afford and give them options instead of limiting them. Although interest rates might be a little higher than other dealers might, Buy Here Pay Here financing offers a great alternative to other choices that are out there.