Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships offer Low Down Payments

Low Down Payments on Used Cars

Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships Offer Low Down Payments

For some people, buying a car may seem almost impossible, especially after going around the usual dealership options to find they are not able to qualify for a loan for financing a car.

If you have bad credit or no credit history and not a lot of money for a down payment you might have a hard time finding a dealership or a bank to give you a loan to purchase a new or used car.

Luckily, for people in this situation – and trust us, you’re not alone – another option is available in the form of ‘Buy Here Pay Here’ dealerships like AutoMax in North Carolina. Our dealerships offer incredibly low down payment options and work with people with all kinds of credit. So regardless of what your credit past looks like, it doesn’t have to limit you going forward.

BHPH Dealerships In Youngsville And Henderson

AutoMax is a perfect example of a buy here pay here dealership in Henderson and Youngsville. Like most dealerships of this type, it is a small family-owned business. This business offers credit for all types of credit situations.

With the amazing $89 down program, all you need is $89 to drive a car off the lot the same day.

We offer a wide variety of pre-owned vehicles with warranties to give you the confidence to know you are getting a great, dependable car.

Why Buy At A Buy Here Pay Here Dealership?

Buy here pay here dealerships are a one-stop buying option for customers. One benefit is not having a middleman in between you and the dealership you are buying from. If you go to a traditional dealership you go and pick out the car of your dreams then wait for hours, days or weeks until a bank approves you. You may not get the amount of money financed to be able to get the car you first picked and the process starts over again with finding a car within the limit a bank is willing to give you. It is incredibly frustrating and a terrible waste of your valuable time.

At a buy here pay here dealership the loan is coming from the dealership. We want to put you in a car the day you walk onto the lot and usually all you need is a driver’s license and proof of a steady income to get approved.

Once the car is purchased, the payments go directly to the dealer, not a bank in another state or across the country. Our dealership is a small, family-owned business so you are putting your money back into your community instead of giving it to a big chain dealership or to a bank where you are nothing more than an account number.

It’s Great For Rebuilding Credit

For people with bad, poor or no credit buy here pay dealerships can help you rebuild your credit. By making consistent on-time payments you may be able to improve your credit while giving you a reliable car to get to work, the doctor, and take your kids to school.

Showing that you’re able to make payments on time every time is a key to building credit. We make this easy by giving you multiple convenient ways to make your car repayments.

We will report to the Equifax credit agency that you are making good on your car repayments and this may improve your credit rating.

With an improved credit rating, you’ll find that more loan and credit opportunities become open to you and the interest rate you pay comes down. You will have proven that by buying a car through AutoMax you can be trusted with credit and you can avail bigger loans such as credit cards and home mortgages.

Are BHPH Cars Cheap Cars?

The answer to this is simply, NO, particularly in the case of AutoMax vehicles. Just because someone is willing to give you another chance doesn’t mean they are selling you an inferior product. It just means that they believe your past bad judgments and mistakes shouldn’t dictate your future if you’re able to show you can afford to make the repayments.

We believe that you shouldn’t need perfect credit to be able to buy a solid, reliable car. In today’s economy, many people are finding themselves more attracted and drawn to buy here pay here dealerships over traditional dealerships because they don’t have the thousands of dollars needed for the down payment at those locations.

Each state still has laws over the quality of cars you are allowed to sell to protect the buyer. BHPH dealerships follow these laws and often will offer you a warranty on the car you buy because they know they are selling you a quality car.

When a traditional dealer isn’t willing to work with you to give you a second chance people sometimes think they have to go buy a clunker that hardly runs from a private sale off the internet or from the guy down the road because new and used cars are out of their reach. However, when you do this you have no idea what you are truly buying and often the car will only run a few months before needing major repairs that are going to cost you more money and stress that you don’t need. If this is you, don’t limit yourself to a car off the street when you can walk onto our lot and get a pre-owned car that you know will be reliable.

The AutoMax stamp of approval is a respected one, as we never sell poor quality cars. Come down to our dealership locations in Youngsville and Henderson to see them for yourself. There’s no pressure to buy, and our sales staff will do everything in their power to find you the best car for your needs at the lowest down payment possible. It’s time to get yourself a car from AutoMax. We look forward to serving you!