ways to save money with your tax refund

What Could I Do With My Refund From My 2016 Taxes?

Four Ways to Use Your Tax Refund at AutoMax in Henderson and Youngsville NC

Tax refund season is upon us and while we would all love to be able to do something fun with our refund sometimes that is not always the best way to go. Many of us use our refund to help pay off some bills and there are many ways you can save money using your tax refund right here at AutoMax in Henderson and Youngsville NC. There are a lot of benefits to using your refund to help minimize bills in the future, take a look at our four ways to use your tax refund at AutoMax.  

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  1. Make an Extra Car Payment: By paying even just one extra monthly payment, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars in interest. The amount of money saved will depend on the amount of the payment and the term remaining on the loan. Contact an AutoMax manager today to find out exactly how much you could save if you are interested in making an extra payment toward your vehicle.
  2. Make a Payment Against Your Principal Balance: making an extra one-time payment against the principal balance on your loan could save you thousands in interest or shorten the life of the loan or even lower your monthly payments. Contact an AutoMax manager about your options if you are interested in making an extra payment against your principle balance.
  3. Utilize Tax Refund Services: For almost a decade, we have partnered with Tax Refund Services and this year TRS is offering a $1,200 Refund Anticipation Loan similar to those offered at all major tax preparation businesses. There are also several ways AutoMax customers can get the charges and fees reduced or refunded back if they choose to use TRS through AutoMax to prepare their 2016 taxes.
  4. TAXMAX Down Payment Deferral Program: If you qualify for a TAXMAX down payment deferral program, AutoMax may refund the entire cost of the tax preparation cost charged by TRS. This program allows customers to file and drive the same day with little to no money out of pocket until you receive your tax refund.

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If you are looking for a beneficial way to use your 2016 tax refund then contact us at AutoMax to talk with a manager about your options. Let your tax refund save you money this year and contact us today.