How Buy Here Pay Here Financing Works – in Henderson & Youngsville, NC

When it comes buying a new or used car, you have a lot of options in how you pay for it. You can pay fully with cash, put a down payment on it, in addition to opting for financing or choose to be financed fully.

If you choose to go the financing route, you will need a solid credit score, history and financial support to work with a major financing company and most major dealerships. If you don’t, you may think you are out of luck. But that’s where Buy Here Pay Here Financing at AutoMax of Henderson and Youngsville, NC comes in.

Buy Here Pay Here Financing is a perfect solution for people who don’t have a great credit history, have no credit history or are simply looking for an alternative to traditional financing. Here’s the details on how it works and why our customers love it.

How Buy Here Pay Here Financing Works At AutoMax

First, let’s talk about what exactly Buy Here Pay Here financing is. Just as it sounds, Buy Here Pay Here Financing at our AutoMax dealerships of Henderson and Youngsville, NC, allows you to both buy the car here and pay for your vehicle here with financing.

So, instead of working with a third-party financing company for your auto loan, you’ll be working directly with us at AutoMax – the same people you will meet with at our dealership in Henderson or Youngsville. We’ll be the ones you send your payments to monthly. We’ll be here to answer questions on a monthly basis. And we’ll be the ones to get you the best deal possible on your financing terms. We aren’t the middleman, setting you up with a financing deal with a company you are not familiar with and are not comfortable with. You’re working with the same people who are helping you find the best car possible for your budget and your lifestyle.

From the moment you step into our dealership looking for a car that suits your needs, we’ll sit down with you and discuss the Buy Here Pay Here financing option, which is very popular amongst our customers. We’ll be here to answer any questions you have about it, and we’ll walk you through exactly how the Buy Here Pay Here auto financing option works with AutoMax at Henderson or Youngsville, NC.

Our customers really enjoy the Buy Here Pay Here financing option at our AutoMax dealerships near Raleigh, because they feel more comfortable sending in payments and communicating with us on a regular basis. They don’t have to sit on hold forever to discuss payments with a large financing company who doesn’t really know who you are – they only know you as a source of income for them. We know who you are from the beginning, and we are here to give you personalized, one-on-one attention at all times to help you make the most out of your auto financing experience.

It is our goal to meet your needs, not the other way around. Our AutoMax dealerships are proud to accept a variety of payments for our Buy Here Pay Here financing, including:

  • Automatic Debit Card
  • Automatic ACH (auto-draft)
  • Traditional Mail
  • Call-in
  • Text Pay
  • Online Payment Portal
  • IVR
  • In-store

Benefits Of Buy Here Pay Here Financing

Since many of our Buy Here Pay Here customers are working on building or rebuilding their credit, they are pleased to know that we report payments to the major credit bureaus, so you can have a better financial future. We are happy that we can be the ones to help you start building credit or rebuild your credit after a low point.

We are a family-oriented company, and it is our joy to know that we can give your family a better future with our Buy Here Pay Here financing. Good credit comes in handy for large purchases like a house or another vehicle for your family, as well as the ability to own a credit card or two with low interest and low or no annual fees. Good credit is a great thing to have in the world we live in, and it can be yours with the help of AutoMax.

An Ongoing Relationship With You

It’s our number one goal to build a relationship with each individual AutoMax customer. We want to know how we can serve you best. We want to know what kind of car(s) you’re looking for, and what is the perfect car that matches your budget and needs.

And if you choose the Buy Here Pay Here financing option, we are happy that we can have an ongoing relationship with you and help you build your credit. We look forward to working closely with you to explore the payment options that best suit your budget and lifestyle, in addition to getting you in the perfect car as soon as possible.

Our professionals will always be here to answer your questions, work with you on your payments and truly be a partner in your financial success.

Get In Touch With Us To Get Your Buy Here Pay Here Financing Terms

Are you ready to explore what you can get with the Buy Here Pay Here financing at AutoMax in Henderson or Youngsville, NC? Quickly get approved through our short application in our online portal today. Then, one of our auto sales professionals will get in touch with you to discuss your financing terms and see how we can help you get the car you want today!

If you have any additional questions or just want to speak to one of our professionals, call or message one of our auto dealerships today!

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