How Much Should Your Car Down Payment Really Be?

Get An Affordable Down Payment With Max Your Tax At AutoMax

One of the more significant expenses you’ll have in your life is the down payment on a vehicle. While you certainly want a reliable vehicle, many people aren’t too keen on shelling out hundreds of dollars for a down payment. It’s a hard equation to balance – putting down a larger down payment means you may be strapped for cash for quite awhile, but paying a smaller down payment means you’ll ultimately pay more interest, or may have to sacrifice quality for a cheaper car.

The hassle of getting approved for a loan, complex paperwork, and not having a good relationship with the lender can prevent people from getting the financing they need altogether. But there’s an alternative – buy here pay here dealerships are a way to end the frustration, get the cash you need, and drive away in a vehicle that serves you perfectly. And, with AutoMax’s exclusive seasonal program, Tax Max, you can drive off our lots in Henderson, NC and Youngsville, NC for just $89 down!

Because we’re a premier buy here pay here dealership in North Carolina, we can offer you a low down payment car loan by cutting out the middle men from third-party lenders. We’ll finance your new-to-you used vehicle purchase in-house, which gives us the flexibility to offer such a low down payment option. In addition, our tax prep experts are at the ready to help you estimate your tax return on the spot. This means we can help you find the perfect car for your budget for just $89 down, and you won’t be left with payments you can’t make later on. Buy here pay here car lots can offer many borrowers vehicle financing opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have with a traditional lender.

Benefits For People With Bad Credit

Many drivers have a history of challenges receiving credit for car loans, and they can sometimes struggle with paying a down payment. Some people have a bad credit history, and other people have no credit history at all. This makes receiving a loan from a traditional lender like a bank or lending service extremely difficult. Not only that, but it can be difficult for a driver to build a relationship with third-party lenders.
Buy here pay here dealerships in Raleigh, NC alleviate those issues because we help people with a bad credit history or no credit history at all. At AutoMax, we build strong relationships because we’re not just an entity giving you a loan – we’re also the ones helping you find the perfect vehicle, which builds a level of trust that isn’t established with third-party lenders.
Many buy here pay here dealerships, including AutoMax, are designed to specifically work with people who are experiencing struggles with their credit, and many of these dealerships were built to help people in the local community purchase the vehicles they need.

Low Car Loan Interest Rates

Every driver knows that the interest rate they receive on a vehicle purchase will have a significant impact on their financial situation. These interest rates can lead to either lower or higher monthly payments. Most drivers want to get the lowest interest rate possible so that they don’t have a high monthly payment. However, many third-party lenders, like banks and vehicle lending services, cannot offer attractive interest rates to people with a poor credit history or no credit history at all.

Buy here pay here dealerships can usually offer low interest rates to all buyers. This makes them an attractive option for those who want to receive a better interest rate but who may not have the credit rating to receive the best interest rates from traditional lending sources.

Low Down Payment On A Used Car

Not everyone has a chunk of change saved for something as financially significant as a vehicle down payment. Traditional lending sources, like banks and vehicle lenders, might require someone with poor credit or no credit history to make a large down payment in the hopes of recovering their money.
Buy here pay here dealerships generally offer lower down payments, and with our Tax Max program, you can drive away with any car for just $89. People who purchase and finance their vehicle from us, and who take advantage of this seasonal program, can ease the stress of being required to make a large cash down payment. This gives you a lot more options when it comes to finding a reliable used vehicle that suits your needs and fits within your budget.

Flexible Car Payment Terms

Every driver knows that when they receive a car loan from a traditional lender, the payment terms are usually set in stone. AutoMax and other buy here pay here dealerships near you offer drivers the ability to negotiate terms that align with their best financial interests. People can negotiate terms based on the loan structure they need, not what a bank wants them to pay. And again, by taking advantage of our seasonal Tax Max program, you can defer payments until you get more cash flow from your tax return.

Quick Car Buying

Traditional lenders require that a borrower supply a lot of paperwork. There is a more exhaustive process towards getting approved for a car loan via traditional lenders. At AutoMax, we can process loans at a much faster pace because our in-house financing experts are the ones doing all the work. This helps you focus on purchasing the perfect vehicle, instead of worrying about supplying loads of documentation.

Drive Away Today For $89 Down

We know that not everyone can meet the stringent terms and conditions imposed by traditional lending institutions, and we believe everyone deserves a reliable vehicle, no matter what their credit looks like. The bottom line is, no matter your credit score or how much money you may or may not have saved up, you can drive off our buy here pay here car lots with any vehicle in our inventory for just $89. You’ll get peace of mind knowing you made a smart buying decision that will be a great investment for years to come. Browse our inventory online to find the perfect car for you, and then come visit us at our Henderson or Youngsville car dealership to drive away with it for $89.