Weird Driving Laws in North Carolina

Learn About Laws You Wouldn’t Think About While Driving

Weird Driving Laws in North Carolina

While there are many widely known and followed driving laws throughout the country, many states have odd ones. While many strange state laws stem from years ago, some states even share a few laws that are not enforced elsewhere in the country. What are some of the weird driving laws in North Carolina?

Legal Driving Speed in North Carolina

One driving law that stuck out to us was that it is actually illegal to drive too slowly in North Carolina. While posted speed limits are there to keep the roads safe from people driving too fast on the roads, driving too slow also brings up concerns.

North Carolina is just one of six states that enforce this law. The other states who deem it illegal include: Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, Georgia and Florida. However, this law mainly refers to driving too slowly on the passing lanes on highways. The left passing lane on highways is reserved for drivers who prefer to drive fast, while the right lane is for those who drive slower, which helps keep traffic flow more easily.

Outside the six states where driving too slowly is illegal, many other states can fine cars who drive slowly under traffic obstruction laws. While this law might seem odd to some, it actually could make roads unsafe to drive on.

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If multiple drivers are on the same road and are expected to drive within a certain speed limit, a slow moving car could heavily disrupt the flow of traffic. A slow moving car could cause other drivers around them to resort to braking harshly and quickly which can lead to accidents. More unnecessary accidents could arise as well with multiple cars changing lanes to get around the slow moving vehicle. With drivers eager to get around a slow car, they could unintentionally cut off another oncoming driver.

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