Why Buy Here Pay Here Cars Are Perfect for High School Graduates

You’ve recently graduated high school, it’s an exciting time, and it’s a perfect time to upgrade your vehicle. Time to get rid of that classic first car that has seen better days and get into a better vehicle.

While new cars may seem like an attractive option, used cars are financially a better decision and AutoMax provides buy here pay here, on-the-lot financing on all of our used cars. There are so many benefits to choosing AutoMax in Henderson and Youngsville for your used car purchase. From in-house financing to our wide selection of used cars, here’s why AutoMax’s on-the-lot financing used car dealership is perfect for high school graduates.

Why Recent High School Graduates Choose AutoMax Buy Here Pay Here Cars

No Credit Is OK.

When you choose a buy here pay here dealership like AutoMax in Henderson and Youngsville, you can have little or no credit and still get in a great used car. With our buy here pay here financing, we understand recent high school graduates haven’t had much time or a need to build credit history.

Even though 99% of high school graduates don’t have any credit built up, we still want them to get into a great, trustworthy vehicle. Buy here pay here financing is perfect for recent high school graduates that don’t have any credit, because unlike many other car dealerships, we work with customers who have little or no credit. Everyone is welcome here.

You Can Have A Lower Down Payment.

When you purchase a car from an on-the-lot financing dealership like AutoMax in Henderson and Youngsville, we are more flexible with down payment options, since we finance with you in-house. This is perfect for recent high school graduates, since they usually don’t have thousands of dollars saved up for a down payment on a car.We will work with your budget to get you the down payment that works for you.

Buy here pay here dealerships like AutoMax in Henderson and Youngsville only sell used cars, which are the ideal car for recent high school graduates. Used cars are easier to keep up with money-wise. They require less insurance costs and less tax costs, and the parts to replace them are cheaper. In addition, used cars don’t lose value as quickly. Our used cars will hold value over time, so when you decide to sell the car, you will get a price closer to your purchase price than a new car.

Most importantly, Henderson and Youngsville AutoMax have a better selection of used cars than new car dealerships and many other dealerships. We can help you find a dependable used car that is perfect for your needs at a price that works for you.

You Are Financing With People You Trust.

At AutoMax in Henderson or Youngsville, we provide in-house financing on 100% of vehicles sold on our lot. Our customers love that they are getting a loan from a local company with people that they know, instead of feeling like just another number in the system to a big lender. There are no long wait times or lack of personability.

We get to know you and your needs from the start of when you walk onto our lot looking for a vehicle, and we continue to stay in touch over the years. We love building relationships with our customers, and we are happy to be a trusted provider of used cars through our on-the-lot financing program, which helps numerous people get into great cars with low credit and low down payments.

We’ll Take Your Old Trade-In.

Since we focus on used cars, trade-ins are not as much of a liability to us. When you try to trade-in a vehicle at a new dealership, they really don’t want it, so they end up making more of a profit off of your vehicle purchase to make up for it. We are much more likely to find a buyer than new car dealerships, so we will happily take your high school car that’s been your old faithful first car.

Get A Great Post-High School Car At Our Buy Here Pay Here Dealership In Henderson Or Youngsville Today

We look forward to helping any high school graduate get into the perfect post-high school car for them with our flexible in-house financing. Come by the dealership nearest you to check out our selection and test drive a few cars. You can also browse through our inventory online to get an idea of what we have that you’ll love.

Want to get started with financing? Fill out a financing application at your convenience. We look forward to learning about you and your needs and getting you in the best car for you! Have a question or want more information? Call us, send your nearby dealership a message, or come by today! We look forward to working with you.

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