Why You Should Consider AutoMax NC as Your Local Buy Here, Pay Here Dealer

At AutoMax NC, we’re about building relationships with our clients. You’re probably thinking, “Sure, that’s what the last dealership said and it was a terrible experience.” With an infinite number of car lots and local dealerships, it’s difficult to decide who you can trust to not only find the car you’re looking for, but also guide you through the financial process. But finding someone you can trust is as important as buying the car itself. For most, buying a car is an incredibly intimidating financial endeavor, especially those who are facing the struggles and setbacks that come up in everyday life. While situations vary from person to person, we empathize with being in a pickle or caught in the middle when buying a car becomes a necessity.

Our local buy here pay here dealership program is 100% financing through our North Carolina dealership. We’re here to help which could even mean referring you to another dealership that may fit your needs best. But if you’re looking to build credit and avoid financing through a third party financer or a bank, then the AutoMax buy here pay here program is worth your consideration. Not only can you visit one of our local car lots or dealerships, you can contact us at anytime by phone or online chat so we can assist and answer any questions you may have.

So Why Should You Consider AutoMax And Our Local Buy Here Pay Here Program?

The purchasing process stays under one roof. What that means for you is AutoMax is not using your credit to shop around for the best deal haphazardly causing hard credit checks. A hard credit check from a dealership or other business is a credit inquiry where a lender reviews your credit. If you have low credit, dealerships will shop around in an attempt to find a party willing to issue financing but this ‘shopping’ can have a damaging effect on rebuilding your credit.

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  • Receive auto financing, regardless of credit or past financial history
  • Opportunity to improve credit score
  • High quality vehicles at buy here pay here dealerships
  • Flexibility with trade-ins

The AutoMax car lot buy here pay here program is just what it sounds- our customers buy the car and pay for the car at the AutoMax dealership through in-house financing. We’ve designed this program for people who may have fallen on hard financial times. We’re more than a business, we want to help you by not only providing you a reliable vehicle, but also providing a no-nonsense path towards financing that works best for you.

More benefits of the Buy Here Pay Here:

  • You don’t need to have traditional credit. Most traditional financial institutions base their lending on your credit, which doesn’t help if you’ve gone through a financial hardship and can become a burden that holds you back from moving out of that hardship.
  • Reporting on-time payments monthly to Equifax may help rebuild your credit. After a purchase and on-time payments, AutoMax sends monthly reports to Equifax, one step in the process towards rebuilding your credit.
  • Customized payment calendar that works best for you and your schedule. One size does not fit all and when it comes to auto payments, sometimes the 15th of the month works a lot better than the 1st, or weekly payments work better than monthly. By customizing a payment calendar, we work with you to help make the process as smooth as possible.
  • Get you into a reliable vehicle on our lot that you love. By starting the purchasing process knowing your budget helps us to find a carthat you’ll love and can afford, rather than talking you into a car you can’t.
  • Avoid the third-party ‘middleman,’ bank or credit union by financing through AutoMax and paying us directly
  • Variety of ways to pay auto loan payments.
  • Lower down payments
  • Establishing a business relationship within your community. We hope your experience is worth recommending to friends and family as well as making you a repeat customer.

Shopping for a car can be a hassle. It typically takes hours, often sitting in a stale room with even staler coffee. You’re traditionally matched up with a salesperson who takes you around the lot to enticing vehicles out of your budget range. At AutoMax, we’re different because before even taking you on the lot to entice you into something you maybe can’t afford, we sit down with you and find out what you can afford. Traditionally, financials are usually the end of the car buying experience. At AutoMax local dealerships, finding what you can afford is our first step and it takes just about 10 minutes. In a quick interview, we look at income and specific situations to see if we’re a good match and how we can best help you in the buy here pay here program. Afterwards, we’ll hit the lot with knowledge of your financial budget and find the best vehicle to suit your needs.

Dealerships are notorious for having fast deals to lure you into the car buying process. Six months after making a purchase, they’ll contact you again to see if you’re ready for a new vehicle. At AutoMax, we’re different because our family-owned business has been on a mission to provide reliable transportation and help build credit for everyone from our friends and family to customers new and old through the buy here pay here program. For 25 years we have provided our knowledge to our customers and have helped them figure out what they can afford and what they can’t. We believe that financial hardships of the past or present shouldn’t dictate your future.

If you’d like more information on the buy here pay here program, take a look at our research section or swing by one of our locations in Youngsville, NC or Henderson, NC. If you’re in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Butner, Creedmoor, Louisburg, Wake Forest, Rolesville, Zebulon, Nashville, Warrenton area and you’re ready to check into the buy here pay here program, we have a financing application set up through our quick application in our online portal making it easy to get started today.