Credit 101: How to Improve Your Credit Score

Get Access To Better In-House Car Financing With An Improved Credit Score

Improving our credit score is something we can all benefit from. You typically need a certain level of credit to purchase a used vehicle at a traditional dealership. But this begs the basic question: How do I improve my credit score?

How To Improve Your Credit Score

First, you must understand how you can improve your credit score to help you purchase a new vehicle. It can be intimidating for some borrowers to buy a used vehicle, but these tips and techniques can be used to improve your credit score so that you can get the used vehicle you need for work, activities, and leisure.

Pay down your loans.

The first step is to pay down the balance of your current loans over time. By paying down the balance, the credit utilization that you have will be reduced, and this can lead to a higher credit score. It is critical to make sure that the balance on any auto loans or other loans is consistently paid over time. When you maintain a history of paying your auto loans over time, you will see a benefit when your credit history is run and this can lead to better loan opportunities in the future.

Build up a long credit history.

The next tip is to establish a long credit history. If you have a consistent track record that also spans a long period, this can enhance your credit score. You should attempt to purchase multiple used vehicles over long periods to see your credit scores rise over time. Consistency and a long track record are huge when a credit score is being determined.

Avoid penalties.

Third, it is important to know that paying a vehicle off too early can lead to penalties that negatively affect a person’s credit score. You must read the terms of the loan agreement to see if paying a vehicle off too early will lead to penalties. If penalties can be accumulated, it can sometimes be better to simply pay the loan off over a longer period and to continue making consistent and on-time payments.


Fourth, a key tip is to negotiate the price of the vehicle you want to purchase. AutoMax is one of the top dealerships in North Carolina, and it’s vital to have good-faith negotiations with dealerships like us for a driver to get a reduced price for their vehicle. Negotiating a lower price can decrease the monthly payments of a vehicle, which will make it easier for you to make the payments and improve your credit score over time. This can allow you to get the vehicle that you need at a price that can enable you to significantly improve your credit score.

Many dealerships, like AutoMax in North Carolina, want to work with people so that they can get great deals on vehicles and improve their credit scores over time.

Reduce the number of credit checks performed.

Last, if you don’t choose a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, get financing before you visit the dealership. This will prevent them from running a credit check, which can lower your credit score. Simply knowing what you can and cannot be approved for can enhance the likelihood of no credit check being needed, which can lead to a higher credit score.

What Is A Buy Here Pay Here Dealership?

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships, like AutoMax in North Carolina, are dealerships that can help people who have bad credit purchase a vehicle. This can act as a saving grace for people in college, people who had bad luck in the past, and people who do not have a long enough credit history to get financing from traditional lending sources, such as a bank.

The dealership is not just in the business of selling the vehicle. It also wants to help you succeed financially and offers in-house financing options. This reduces the need to seek a loan from an external source, such as a bank.

Dealerships like AutoMax want to build strong and positive relationships with customers so that the relationship can be long-standing and based on mutual trust. Even people with bad credit can get loans from Buy Here Pay Here dealerships like AutoMax.

Benefits Of Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

There are many benefits of getting a car from a Buy Here Pay Here dealership. The first benefit is that people with bad credit can get approved for a loan, which will enable them to make payments and improve their credit score in the future.

A Buy Here Pay Here dealership might be the only way for some people to receive a loan so that they can build up their credit over time. Dealerships like AutoMax allow people to receive a loan when they need it and build their credit history.

The second benefit is that the process is much simpler and everything is done at the dealership. Car loans from a traditional bank can take a long time to settle, but Buy Here Pay Here dealerships offer the financing you need at a faster pace.

Last, these dealerships are likely to treat you better than a bank because they want to build a personal relationship so that more cars are sold from their lot in the future. That these dealerships also do in-house financing might reduce their need to perform an advanced credit check, which can lead to the borrower not being forced to have their credit score lowered just for having it checked. If a Buy Here Pay Here dealership sounds like the right fit, visit us at AutoMax in Henderson, NC or AutoMax in Youngsville, NC. Or, get started right away by valuing your trade or filling out our online loan application.