How to Identify a True Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

AutoMax Is The Premier Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot In North Carolina

Are you in the market for a car, but know you’ll need financing? Are you concerned about getting fair financing options because of your credit, or other past financial missteps? If you answered yes, then AutoMax is the place for you. At AutoMax, we provide in-house financing, where you can buy and pay right here in North Carolina. If you have low or damaged credit, or have been rejected for traditional car loans at other dealerships, no need to worry. Our in-house financing experts will work with you to help you determine the best price range for your budget, and to also come up with a feasible payment plan.

Buy here pay here dealerships offer some other advantages, too. With in-house financing, there’s typically much less paperwork to complete. You’re more likely to get financing through a buy here pay here dealership, thanks to the elimination of banks and other third-party lenders. The process is quicker, and making payments is easier since you’re given more flexible options than traditional lending.

So, what do we offer at AutoMax that makes us different? We’re not like other buy here pay here car lots, where a lot is promised but never delivered. Our mission is exactly as stated – we’re confident you’ll find the best vehicle for your needs and budget, along with tip-top service.

In-House Financing: Is It Really A Thing?

One of the problems plaguing used car dealerships is false advertising. Some dealerships will specify they offer in-house financing, but really, they’re outsourcing the financing to a third party. They get commission on financing, so there’s a strong incentive for the dealership to use providers that don’t necessarily offer the best deal to the consumer.

When you visit us at AutoMax, one of our team members will get you started on a credit approval application and will be there to answer any questions you may have. This application isn’t forwarded to any banks or lending institutions for approval; rather, the entire financing process is done in-house where we, AutoMax, are the lender. Our staff does all the credit checks and processing of the loan from start to finish.

Once the loan is completed and payments are calculated, you can make your way to our lot to choose from a wide selection of vehicles that fall within your budget. Once you’ve chosen your ideal vehicle, you can make your car payments at the same dealership where you purchased your vehicle. Your personal information is safe with us.

AutoMax: A True Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

So, you may wonder, how do I determine if this is a true buy here pay here dealership? One answer is in the way our dealership accepts car payments. We allow our customers to set up automatic payment directly from their bank account, as well as in-store, via our online payment portal, and by phone. No need to call a bank or other lending institution – you’ll be doing business right in the same spot where you purchased your vehicle.

Below you’ll find a few other ways to ensure you’re truly doing business with a genuine buy here pay here car lot that offers in-house financing:

  • Car purchased at the dealership
  • Lender is the dealership
  • Payments are made to the dealership
  • No other lender is involved
  • More customers receive financing than with traditional lenders

We can work with customers whose car loan applications have been rejected by the traditional banks. At our buy here pay here car lots, we work with all our customers to meet their needs. If for some reason we cannot finance a vehicle for you, we won’t send your credit information to a bank or another car dealer.

At AutoMax, we make purchasing a vehicle a one-stop experience, and we’re happy to have you stop by and see what we offer in North Carolina. Call us or drive by and talk to one of our team members, who’ll be readily available to help you make your next vehicle buying experience a dream come true.