What is the Difference Between Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil?

Find out Which Oil you Should use in Your Car

What is the Difference Between Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil? 

When it comes to the inevitable oil change drivers have to make on their vehicles, many people might not know what kind of motor oil is best for their vehicle. With so many different options to choose from, many people struggle between purchasing and using synthetic oil or conventional oil. So exactly what is the difference between synthetic oil vs conventional oil? 

With conventional motor oils, the oil acts as a lubricant that is actually derived from crude oil found in the ground. Synthetic oil is still made from conventional oil, but it is then modified with different kinds of chemicals to help improve the oil performance by making it more lubricated. 

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Synthetic oil is also manufactured to be better at keeping engine parts slick at high temperatures, as they are better at transferring heat and helping the engine run at a cooler temperature. Many new cars also require drivers to use synthetic oils, but they are often more expensive than conventional oil. 

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