Why You Should Consider a Pre-Owned Car – in Henderson & Youngsville, NC

When you’re ready to buy a new vehicle, you have a choice between buying a new or a pre-owned car.

While a new car might sound like a luxurious option, signing up for financing with the high dollar prices that they run for is a big commitment – one that most people get smooth talked into and really don’t want to make. Instead of forging over your next several years to high monthly payments on your oh-so-fancy new car, why don’t you consider a pre-owned car?

AutoMax of Henderson and Youngsville, NC specialize in the sale of pre-owned cars, and we think they’re the best option for you. Here’s why.

Why Buy A Pre-Owned Car At AutoMax

1. You can’t beat the price

Let’s face it – new vehicles are pricey, even with all of the promises and “deals” the new auto dealerships say they are making for you. At the end of the day, a new car is going to cost a lot more money – double or triple in some cases. You’ll end up paying a lot more per month if you are financing, your interest will be greater and your loan term might be longer. Why pay more?

Depending on your needs, you probably aren’t desperate to get the latest and greatest, top-of-the-line car. Many times, they only come with a few more upgrades than the previous years, and sometimes, they even have more problems than the previous years’ models.

It’s easy to research pre-owned vehicles these days to find out what make, model and year is a great fit for a used car for you. It used to be a lot more risky. On top of that, it’s easy to get the vehicle history reports with the help of places like CarFax and AutoCheck, so you can have peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re signing up for.

2. Flexible financing options

One of the great benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle is the flexible financing options that you will get. Financing is available at AutoMax of Henderson and Youngsville, NC for anyone. If you’ve never bought a car, have no credit or have low or bad credit, a pre-owned vehicle is the perfect choice for you.

AutoMax offers Buy Here Pay Here financing that is easy to obtain, regardless of your credit history and current or past financial situation. We’ll get you a great deal that fits your budget and lifestyle, and you don’t have to worry about paying a third-party provider. We will be your loan provider, so you can get the same one-on-one personalized attention that you got while buying your car after you purchase and finance your car. You can feel comfortable knowing who you’re paying and not feel like just another number on the sales sheet.

In addition, our Buy Here Pay Here financing helps people in all credit situations rebuild credit – and that’s always a good idea. With each monthly payment, your credit score may start to soar, since we report to Equifax. Our goal is to help you get the pre-owned car that fits you best and get your financial situation in perfect order.

3. They’re a great value

When you purchase a pre-owned car, you automatically get more bang for your buck. Prices on new cars are sky high, since they are so new, but they also lose their value very quickly. Pre-owned vehicles, on the other hand, maintain more of their value over time, since most of the value is lost in the first year. And they’re pretty much the same car, minus a few details that probably aren’t must-haves on your list. Since you don’t have to worry about depreciation, you don’t have to worry about reselling it as much. You can buy it and resell it years later without the worry that you are extremely underwater on your loan.

In addition, cars these days are very well made, for the most part. Most of the time, it is a better investment to buy a pre-owned car with the knowledge that you’ll have to make a few more repairs, but the repairs will be cheap since parts for cars these days are relatively cheap. For example, if you buy a Ford F-150, you can find parts for just about anything for super cheap, since many of the same model carry the same parts for numerous years.

And since cars lose most of their value in the first year, it’s easy to find pre-owned cars that are a couple years old for a great price. Instead of splurging on a vehicle that will lose its value immediately, find a comparable one that is a few years old and won’t be losing a ton of it’s value over time. A car that is a couple years old will still last you a very long time, as long as it’s a good car.

4. Insurance costs less

New cars are more expensive to insure. Since older cars – even just a few years – are less valuable, the insurance rates will be lower. Who doesn’t want to save on a must-have expense that comes with buying a car? If you’re choosing the financing route, you already have to worry about your monthly payment. Why worry about an expensive insurance rate, too?

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